Apple TV launched in India for Rs 8,295

Apple has been giving some special treatment to India since the last few months, the iPhone, iPad Mini came to India sooner than expected. Apple also launched the iTunes store in India with songs starting from Rs.7 onwards which is dirt cheap compared to the prices in the United States.

Now Apple is showing some more love for India( and why not- Apple iPhone sales have become 4x in India with the iPhone 5). Finally Apple Tv is officially available in India for Rs. 8295.

So now you can get all your iTunes media content easily on your big HD television, perform airplay and use iCloud services with ease.

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New Apple TV UI was actually rejected by Steve Jobs 5 yrs ago

Here’s a popper: the new Apple TV UI — which has attracted a mixed response so far — was actually rejected by the iconic Steve Jobs some 5 years ago, said former Apple TV UI designer and “Professional Hobbyist, AppleTV” Michael Margolis on Twitter in a surprising revelation. He adds cheekily: “Now there is nobody to say ‘no’ to bad design.” Felizaaa!

Unprecedented demand for new iPad, Apple TV sees Apple delay shipping times already

Well, merely few hours have passed since Apple unveiled the new iPad and Apple TV to the world and we’re already getting news that the pre-orders have been sell-out. Apple’s preorder page now lists both the white 16GB and 64GB AT&T LTE models with a delivery date of March 19 instead of the March 16 date previously mentioned. The other models are, thankfully, still shipping this Friday in the States.

Over in Germany, the German Apple store is now officially sold out (already!) and is now listing a delivery date of March 22 (originally March 16) on all models. Pre-orders in Japan are also getting stronger by the day. Apple is expected to roll-out the new iPad to an additional 26 countries next to next Friday, March 26th. At this rate, it won’t be long before your Grumpy neighbor flaunts the resolutionary device as well!

Meanwhile the Apple TV is also getting a bumped shipping time frame. It was supposed to deliver to preorder customers on March 16, but Apple’s website now lists the device as shipping in “1-2 weeks.”

Apple event in 7 points

1.As the Event started Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was talking about Apple stores, Siri, iOS and the App store.

image via Engadget

2.Then Apple launched a brand new Apple Tv with a 1080p resolution, a new interface and photo stream. The new Apple Tv costs $99 like the older model. Get complete details of the Apple Tv here.


3.Apple launched a brand new iPad with retina display, LTE connectivity and a whole lot of new features. Find complete details on the new iPad here. Also the new iPad supports 4G and also acts as a hotspot.

image via engadget

4.The price points of the new iPad are similar to the iPad 2 price points. The iPad 2 will yet be selling but with a price cut.

5.Sketchbook Ink from Autodesk is a new drawing app that will be available from April in the App store.

6.Epic games showed a brand new game-Infinity Blade.

7.Apple released the iPhoto app for iOS and also updated the iMoves, Garageband and iWork apps for iOS.


Apple launch brand new Apple TV, only $99

Before we head into the real deal of the night, the new iPad, Apple has just revealed a brand new Apple TV that does full 1080p HD video playback. The UI is more iOS-esque with new colors and the entry of a host of third-party apps to enhance the user experience while watching your favorite movies and shows. Price?  well, unbelievably it’s still the same – $99. Pre-orders have already begun whereas shipping begins next week so hurry before your neighbor scores one over you!

Apple TV iOS apps get native full-screen 720p resolution treatment [UPDATE: VIDEO]

Here’s wishing all our readers a very very happy and a prosperous new year. May 2012 give you what 2011 couldn’t!

Yesterday we told you about two developers taking it to themselves to bring iOS applications to the Apple TV in a native experience, showcasing a video where they managed to get apps running side-by-side. Today, they’ve managed another breakthrough: full-screen 720p resolution.

As 9to5mac reports, “The port was initially able to run multiple applications side-by-side on a display connected to an Apple TV, but now the developers have figured out a way to run iPad applications —because of the artwork resolution— at a full 720p resolution.” When you ran apps on the iPhone, you said it couldn’t get better. Then came the iPad and you felt “Wow! This is it!” Now, with things getting even bigger, the possibilities of what apps can really do are beyond limits.

Also, since the developers have achieved this feat by rewriting the springboard itself, further innovation on the project cannot be ruled out as it is all unexplored territory.

Developer Troughton-Smith already has some big hopes: “Remember how the unofficial iPhone applications back in ‘07 forced Apple’s hand in creating an App Store? I’d like Apple TV to get the same treatment.”

Via 9to5mac

Update: We have a video…

Developers hack Apple TV to run iOS apps side-by-side (video)

In an era where anything and everything is subject to hacking, especially if it’s an Apple device, a couple of developers — one of them previously responsible for porting iPhone 4S’ exclusive personal assistant Siri to older iPhones — have hacked an Apple TV to run iOS apps side-by-side.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith, with help from another developer named TheMudKip, has added iOS application functionality to the Apple TV. The tweaking is still in its early stages, but the concept of running applications was at least proven. To run iOS apps on the Apple TV, the software that powers the app launcher, the iOS Springboard, had to be rewritten. And while in the process of rewriting the springboard, another new feature was discovered: Side-by-side apps.

This side-by-side concept was actually first demonstrated back in WWDC 2011 on an iPad, but is much more powerful and important on a device like an Apple TV. For instance, you can use different chat applications for different services simultaneously. That’s what you call multitasking with style!

By the way, did you hear Siri abusing a 12yr old kid, asking him to “shut the f*** up” ?

Via 9to5mac

iOS 5.1 beta 2 hits through

Apple has seeded iOS 5.1 beta 2 to developers, bringing along the ability to allow users to remove images from their iCloud Photo Stream along with the usual bug fixes.

Photos taken using iOS 5.1 can be deleted from Photo Stream on your device and will be removed automatically from Photo Stream on your other iOS 5.1 devices. Older photos can be manually deleted from your iOS 5.1 devices.

You can download the 801MB heavy update from the Developer Center which also includes updates for Apple TV and Xcode (4.3).

Release notes:

Notes and Known Issues


The following issues relate to using the 5.1 SDK to develop code.


When creating an iCloud account, you can use any Apple ID as long as it is a full email address and not a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you can move that account to iCloud. You can find more information at:


  • The NSNetService class and CFNetService APIs do not include P2P interfaces by default. To browse, register, or resolve services over P2P interfaces, an application needs to use the Bonjour DNSService*() APIs noted below.
  • Setting the interfaceIndex parameter to kDNSServiceInterfaceIndexAny in the following API’s will not include P2P interfaces by default. To include P2P interfaces, you must now set the kDNSServiceFlagsIncludeP2P flag when usingkDNSServiceInterfaceIndexAny or set the interfaceIndex to kDNSServiceInterfaceIndexP2P. The affected APIs are:
    • DNSServiceBrowse
    • DNSServiceRegister
    • DNSServiceResolve
    • DNSServiceRegisterRecord
    • DNSServiceQueryRecord


FIXED: App icons and profile photos are not loading in apps using Game Center.

iCloud Photo Stream

NEW: Photos taken using iOS 5.1 can be deleted from Photo Stream on your device and will be removed automatically from Photo Stream on your other iOS 5.1 devices. Older photos can be manually deleted from your iOS 5.1 devices.

iCloud Storage

  • Provisioning profiles must be enabled for iCloud in the iOS Provisioning Portal. To enable a provisioning profile for iCloud, navigate to the App ID section of the iOS Provisioning Portal and configure your App ID for iCloud. After enabling the App ID for iCloud, regenerate your provisioning profiles to enable them for iCloud.
  • The setSortDescriptors: method of NSMetadataQuery is not supported.
  • In iOS 5, files that are protected via Data Protection cannot be used with iCloud Storage APIs.
  • File names are case-insensitive in Mac OS X but case-sensitive in iOS. This can lead to problems when sharing files between the two using iCloud. You should take steps on iOS to avoid creating files whose names differ only by case.

Movie Player

Starting in iOS 5.0, in order to facilitate finer-grained playback control, a movie player is not automatically prepared to play upon creation. Call the prepareToPlay method to prepare the movie player. For more information, see MPMoviePlayerController Class Reference

Music Player

Using shake-to-shuffle causes Music app to freeze and playback to stop.


In iOS 5, signing certificates with MD5 signatures is not supported. Please ensure that certificates use signature algorithms based on SHA1 or SHA2.

Setup Assistant

NEW: Immediately after completing the Setup Assistant, it may re-appear and show the wifi screen and/or final “Thank You” screen. The workaround when in this loop is to reboot the device.

SpringBoard Lock Screen

NEW: The lock screen can intermittently get in a state where double-clicking the home button will no longer bring up the camera button. To get out of that state, you need to restart the device.

Xcode/Developer Tools

  • NEW: This preview release of Xcode 4.3 is distributed as a single application bundle, Delivering the Xcode tools in a single app bundle allows Xcode to be installed directly from the App Store, without the additional step of running the Install Xcode app. To install Xcode during the preview period, double-click to open the downloaded DMG file, and drag the file to your Applications folder.Within Xcode, you can launch additional developer tools, such as Instruments and FileMerge, via the menu item Xcode -> Open Developer Tool. You can then pin the tool on your Dock for access when Xcode is not running. Not all of the tools previously included in the Xcode installer are bundled in this preview release.
  • In the iOS 5 development tools, it is possible to extract APIs used by an application and have them checked for use of private APIs. This option is offered when you validate your application for app submission.
  • FIXED: A bug in the documentation organizer causes an exception when you type in any field in the content area. To prevent the need to log into the developer website from Xcode, download documentation sets locally using Xcode’s documentation preference pane and enable the ‘Check for and install updates automatically’ checkbox as a workaround.
  • FIXED: “uninstall-devtools” script mistakenly removes files and packages even if Xcode is still running. Be sure to quit any running copy of Xcode before starting the “uninstall-devtools” script.
  • FIXED: The Network Link Conditioner daemon cannot be launched after installing the Networking Link Conditioner without a reboot. You can manually workaround the issue with a restart or by the following command: sudo launchctl load /system/library/launchdaemons/]


Apple TV gets cheaper, older

A search through Amazon today reveals that the price of a certain Apple product has been reduced and arrival of its successor hinted. The product is the Apple TV.

Amazon has not only reduced the price of Apple TV, from $99 to $89.99 — less by $9.01 or 9%, they have also labelled it the ‘2010’ edition, perhaps hinting a newer Apple TV is on the cards.

As always, time will tell the tale untold.

P.S. Do you know we’re getting a makeover this weekend? Come next week and we’ll have a much cleaner and simpler look and feel to our website. Thanks for supporting us!

Apple gives developers iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 2, iTunes Match for Apple TV

Apple has released iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 to developers along with an email (below) announcing the availability of iTunes Match for Apple TV. The update, available for download from the Developer Center, fixes several bugs and still doesn’t render iTunes Match to the public.

iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 is now available and includes a number of important stability and performance improvements. iTunes Match is also now available for testing on Apple TV.

On your Apple TV, choose Music > Turn on iTunes Match.

Please remember to backup regularly and do not delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer.

Apple also released iOS 5.0.1 earlier today (which interestingly expires in a month!).

iTV: Apple TV mockup

With excerpts from Steve Jobs’ bio all over the internet now, i assume almost all of you must be aware of Steve’s now-so-famous quote “?I’ve cracked the TV.” In light of this, the rumor mill has started speculating the arrival of a new product from Cupertino — an Apple TV, or iTV as everyone would like to call it. So, it comes as no surprise that a very famous and highly talented artist Guilherme M. Schasiepen has created a mockup of iTV, uploaded in his Flickr account. Here’s what he’s come up with:

Via  Guilherme M. Schasiepen 

More coverage here.