Apple’s iPhone 6 event tomorrow!

The largest tech company in the world is all set to have unveil it’s best lineup in 25 years. Apple is going to unveil the next generation iPhone/s tomorrow. Surprisingly thats not what people are excited about. The world is waiting to see THE iWatch.

The next generation wearable from Apple will define its future in the wearable market. The expectations of the people are at the top of the mountain. The big question is whether Apple will be able to live up to these high expectations .

Apple is all set to unveil two new models of the iPhone. A 4.7 inch iPhone and a 5.5 inch iPhone.

Tomorrow will be the first time after Steve Jobs death that Apple will release a product in a brand new category.

The iWatch is expected to be highly fashionable and come in 2 sizes – 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches. Apart from having a lot of fitness and health sensors the iWatch is expected to work with home automation systems too. This new wonder from Apple is expected to put you down by $400.


Apple airs an iPhone 5C AD

The iPhone 5C pre orders started on 13th September in the US and quite a few models were sold out within 48 hours.

A phone similar to the iPhone 5 but with a brand new body and much more colorful has been reasonably successful for Apple.

You can watch the Apple iPhone 5c ad below.

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Apple Event September 10, iPhone 5S?

According to the latest rumours Apple is set to announce a media event on September 10,2013.

It must be quite obvious to all our readers that this media event is related to the next generation iPhone. But what is  the next generation iPhone?

Let us go through all that we know about the next generation iPhone.

1. There will be two models launched. iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C(Cheaper plastic model)

2. The iPhone 5S is expected to come in a brand new Gold color variant. This means that the iPhone 5S will be available in three colors- White, Black and Gold.

3. The iPhone 5C is expected to come in many colors and would have specs similar to that of the iPhone 5 except that the iphone 5C would be made up of plastic.

4. The iPhone 5C is expected to cost around $300 without any contract. There is a huge possibility that the iPhone 5C might be free with a contract.

5. The iPhone 5S is expected to have a faster processor(Apple A7 Chip) and better graphics. The camera is also expected to have 13 mega-pixels with better low light performance. The iPhone 5S would also have dual flash( White, Yellow)

6. The killer feature that iPhone 5S would have is the fingerprint sensor.

7. The Home button on iOS devices is all set to change for the first time ever. This is done to enable fingerprint sensors. The new home button is expected to be a little convex and would be made up of Sapphire.




Is India becoming an Important Market for Apple iPhone ?

After the launch of the iPhone 5 Apple has shown a lot of love for India. The launch of the iTunes Store, Apple TV is just one part of the love. The iPhone 5 also came to India pretty soon compared to previous models and so did the iPad Mini.


Apple is running extremely high dosage promotional activities for the iPhone in India. Apple is offering 0% EMI schemes, with 10% cash back offers on the iPhone 4, 4S and the iPhone 5.

The latest offer by Apple lets the public give their old smartphone and get a minimum discount of Rs.7000 on the iPhone 4. This means the iPhone 4 which retails for Rs.26,500 would be available for 19,500.

This is primarily done by Apple to make the iPhone available in the sub-20,000 range to take on the Samsung Galaxy Grand, Blackberry Torch and some HTC phones.

No surprises, this scheme is doing extremely well and the latest reports state that the iPhone 4 is outselling the iPhone 5 in India. It’s only Apple who can sell a 2 year old phone at Rs.20,000.

In fact the iPhone 4 scheme was available only till 14th April,2013 but seeing an extremely positive response this scheme has been extended until 30th April,2013.

EMI Brochure

There are still some questions unanswered –

1. Why is Apple focusing on India all of a sudden?

Samsung is taking a part of Apple’s pie in the US, UK and Canada. Also Samsung has a greater hold on the smartphone market in developing countries like India. Apple has understood that if it wants to continue leading the smartphone market developing countries like India and China are extremely important.

2. Behind the scenes of the iPhone 4, minimum Rs.7000 discount scheme

The Apple reseller gets a Rs.5000 credit note from the distributer in country( Redington and Ingram Micro) and the rest Rs.2000 can be recovered by the reseller by selling the smartphone that the customers gives. It is on the discretion of the reseller whether or not to accept the smartphone given by the customer.

3. Why the special Scheme only for iPhone 4 ?

I think everyone by knows that the iPhone 5S is going to launch in summer. After the launch of the iPhone 5S the iPhone 4 will become almost obsolete. At the moment also sales of iPhone 4 in developed countries is extremely low. Apple wants to sell as many as possible before the launch on the iPhone 5S. iPhone is a premium phone and in a poor country like India people would not buying even a 2 year old iPhone if it is in their budget. Apple has studied the Indian market well.


Video: The T-Mobile advert, starring an Apple iPhone and a “so called” 4G network

Presenting T-Mobile’s advert, starring an Apple iPhone and a xG network. The advert has T-Mobile show us the benefits of its “so called” 4G network, which it really isn’t. Advanced 3G, maybe?