iPad Air 2 price in India

Apple unveiled the iPad Air 2 at its event which was held on October 16,2014.

Price of the iPad Air in India:


16 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 35,900

64 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 42,900

128 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 49,900


16 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 45,900

64 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 52,900

128 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 59,900

The iPad Air 2 will be available in India in a few days from today. The exact release date is not yet out.

Apple iPad Air price in India!

The Apple iPad Air prices in India are as follows –

iPad Air (Wi-Fi)
16 GB – Rs 35,900
32 GB – Rs 42,900
64 GB – Rs 49,900
128 GB – Rs 56,900

iPad Air (Wi-Fi + Cellular – 4G)
16 GB – Rs 44,900
32 GB – Rs 51,900
64 GB – Rs 58,900
128 GB – Rs 65,900

The price of the iPad is relatively higher when compared to android tablets. Do you think the iPad Air is good enough for this high price?

Apple offers cash back on iPad Mini in India

Apple has been promoting its products vigorously in India since the launch of the iPhone 5.

Apple has been providing buy back offers on the iPhone 4 and cash back offers on all iPhone’s in India. Also Apple has been providing interest free emi payment schemes.

It seems that after a tremendous response from the Indian public Apple has extended this offer to the iPad Mini also.

Apple is providing a 10% cash back on purchase of an iPad Mini(Citibank Credit Card) maximum cash back of Rs. 8000.

Also there is no processing fees and no interest on a 12 month emi payment scheme.

So if you go on and buy the iPad Mini Wifi only 16GB model(MRP: Rs.21900) then you get a cash back of Rs. 2190 and all you have to pay is Rs. 1825 per month for 12 months.

This offer is valid until may 25,2013.

To know more about the features of iPad Mini click here



Apple iPad 2.0 Camera App screenshots leaked, show no signs of Retina Display

9to5mac’s tipster, Sonny D. has sent them few screenshots of the iPad 2.0’s camera app, found from files within the SDK. The screen grabs reveal a resolution of 1024 x 768 – which is the same as the current iPad’s resolution. Does this mean no retina display for the iPad 2.0?

Via 9to5mac

TJ Maxx selling Apple iPads for $399

TJ Maxx selling Apple iPads for $399. It seems like TJ Maxx is trying to sell maximum iPads before the Black Friday begins.

$399 means that the Apple iPod Touch 64 GB and the Apple iPad 16gb will be the same price. Isn’t is great. Also the iPad is now 200$ cheaper than the iPhone 4.

We believe this is the best time to get an Apple iPad. Go get the Apple iPad. Make it yours.

Apple iPad orientation Lock becomes Mute button.

The all new revolutionary iOS 4.2 for the Apple iPad is about to launch. It brings in some scintillating new features which include printing, airplay,multitasking,folders and a lot more.

As it is noted in the Apple iPhone’s and iPod’s that OS 4 brings in multitasking which allows you to perform an orientation lock.But the Apple iPad already has an orientation lock button so what does Apple do about two orientation locks. It uses the most simple method. It makes the orientation lock button on the Apple iPad as the mute button.So in the new iOS 4.2 Apple iPad orientation Lock becomes Mute button.

Smart Apple.orientation.jpg

No 7 inch Apple iPad for now

Apple CEO Steve Jobs indirectly confirmed that there will be no Apple iPad 7 inches for now at least and it might not be in the future also.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a visit to Apple’s quarterly conference call where he quoted the following

Let’s talk about the avalanche of tablets; first, there are only a few credible competitors, and they all have seven-inch screens. This size isn’t sufficient to create great tablet apps…we’ve done extensive testing, and 10 inches is the minimum tablet size.

This clearly means no Apple iPad 7 inch for now.