Apptopia: A Shot In the App World’s Arm

If you’ve ever felt the urge to develop an app for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets but were unsure of how to go about getting it off the ground once the code is in place and the nuts and bolts are tightened, I have got good news for you. Apptopia is an upstart that will enable app developers to present their creations to a marketplace of interested buyers. This isn’t like any app store the world has ever seen before. Companies will be able to buy the rights to an app and market it how they see fit. The consequences of Apptopia’s launch could be far-reaching across the spectrum of mobile devices.

App development has not exactly been a cash cow for developers. Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, recently tooted Apple’s horn for distributing more than $2 billion to app publishers over the last three years. That’s great, but when one considers that there are about 78,000 publishers in the iOS market alone, that $2 billion starts to look a little shabbier. The introduction of Apptopia essentially takes some of the risk out of developing an app. A programmer might have considered developing an app but was turned off by the prospect of having to market and license their creation. Apptopia takes care of all that so it is logical to assume there will be an increase in app development.

Johnathan C. Kay and Eliran Sapir, co-founders of Apptopia, both have some experience in development and programming and their website claims to be the future of app sales on a large business to business scale. Apptopia’s process begins with an appraisal of the product, the app, then the company pairs up buyers and sellers. In the final stages, the company handles everything from escrow to mediation between the buyer and Google or Apple.

Apptopia is an exciting development in the app world and it will be interesting to see the effects the company has on the number of developers out there. It seems reasonable to assume that this could provide a boon for the app ecosystem.

Margot is a guest blogger who loves to try out all the latest gadgets and getting deals using a Dell coupon.