Kindle Fire HD vs The new iPad (video)

Amazon has released a new TV commercial for its Kindle Fire HD, taking on the mighty retina display iPad from Apple. Here’s a dekko: Our newest commercial shows iPad with Retina Display and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ side-by-side. Both have large, stunning HD screens. In fact, you may not be able to tell the difference… … Continue reading “Kindle Fire HD vs The new iPad (video)”

Harry Potter ebooks now available on Amazon

One of the best and most selling books- Happy Potter is now available as a ebook on Amazon for $8-$10. This is great news for all you Harry Potter fans out there. Now you can read your favorite book without actually carrying the weight of a paper bound book. You can purchase the books here.

Amazon is selling content and not Kindle Fire,Will it Work?

Amazon has received a warm welcome when it comes to the sale of Amazon Kindle Fire but a lot has to be yet understood. A few weeks ago there was a news which said that Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire at a loss.Why would any company sell anything at a loss.It can be a … Continue reading “Amazon is selling content and not Kindle Fire,Will it Work?”

Prowling Over Pixels: Kindle Fire vs Nook Tab vs iPad 2… fight!

When it comes to tablets, Apple is the undisputed winner with its magical and revolutionary device, iPad. But off late, there have been many user-specific tablets that have arrived in the market that offer not everything what the iPad offers but only what the user needs essentially. And obviously, the less the features the lesser … Continue reading “Prowling Over Pixels: Kindle Fire vs Nook Tab vs iPad 2… fight!”

Apple TV gets cheaper, older

A search through Amazon today reveals that the price of a certain Apple product has been reduced and arrival of its successor hinted. The product is the Apple TV. Amazon has not only reduced the price of Apple TV, from $99 to $89.99 — less by $9.01 or 9%, they have also labelled it the … Continue reading “Apple TV gets cheaper, older”

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!

As you are aware, Amazon finally launched their own answer to Apple’s iPad in the form of Kindle Fire which is far less than an iPad competitor in my own humble opinion. For instance, there is no camera, no microphone and no 3G support in the Kindle Fire. You can access the internet only through … Continue reading “Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!”

Amazon’s Kindle Fire TV Commercial (video)

Amazon: “From Kindle, the Fire is born” … The voiceover quotes French writer François-Marie Arouet Voltaire. The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbors, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes property of all. The new Kindle Fire tablet costs $199 and ships November 15. … Continue reading “Amazon’s Kindle Fire TV Commercial (video)”

On Cloud 9: Apple vs Google vs Amazon…fight!

There are a lot of things to ponder over after Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 concluded in grand style. Among the many new things that came out from WWDC, one such popular new service from Apple was the iCloud. With Amazon already in the act and Google adding some finishing touches to its baby, … Continue reading “On Cloud 9: Apple vs Google vs Amazon…fight!”

Amazon launches Mac Download Store

Despite the presence of Apple’s own Mac App Store, Amazon has tried to divert some attention towards itself by opening a Mac Download Store, offering you various softwares and games for your Mac. And if you hurry, you can avail a discount of 5% by entering coupon code SAVE5MAC in the Promo box. Hurry!

Amazon Cloud Player works on iOS devices!

In a u-turn of sorts, after originally offering no support to iOS devices, the developers of Amazon’s Cloud Player have silently modified their service, adding iOS devices in the compatible devices list. This means you can now stream music from the Cloud directly on your iOS device! How does it work? Open your Safari web … Continue reading “Amazon Cloud Player works on iOS devices!”

Amazon App Store is US only — Hacked — Amazon App Store is global NOW!

Amazon’s Android App Store, which works only for people in the U.S, has now been hacked to work from anywhere and for everyone. Quickly re-visiting the happenings, it was back in October last year when we first told you that Amazon is building its own App Store for Android devices. Then came the announcement that you … Continue reading “Amazon App Store is US only — Hacked — Amazon App Store is global NOW!”

Amazon appstore launching march 22

It was way back in october when we told you that Amazon is building an App Store which will comprise of third-party android apps and now the rumors have got even more strong. The Amazon Appstore will allow developers to submit apps(their own apps) into Amazon’s retail system. This will be done taking assistance of … Continue reading “Amazon appstore launching march 22”