BlackBerry Services Live Again

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has said that all the services pertaining to BlackBerry, which were down since yesterday in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) owing to a technical glitch, are back again and running as usual. The widespread service outages were faced by BlackBerry users all over the world, including here in India, as people were unable to use BBM, internet, chatting, receive or send email, use instant messaging, etc., though the problems did not appear to be the same for each user, or affect all users.

The Canadian company said in a statement that all services had been restored and apologized again for any inconvenience.

The company did not comment on what caused the problem.

The company’s share price fell 0.56 percent to $23.23 Monday after the outage news, and was down 60 per cent from the beginning of the year. Buck up, RIM!

How To: Edit videos directly on YouTube

Don’t like re-uploading your videos on YouTube every time you make changes to them? Ever wanted to edit your videos directly on YouTube? Well, now you can.

The folks at YouTube have now made it that easy to edit your videos online, thanks to a number of tools to stabilize, rotate, and spice up your clips available at your disposal. The new tools can be used on newly uploaded as well as older videos (as long as they do not have over 1,000 views or any third-party content). The videos’ URLs and ID numbers can either remain the same or you can choose to save the edited footage in brand new clips, giving them new numbers and URL.

While it all seems exciting, it may take a while for you to be able to edit your videos online as the new editing system rolls out gradually to all users. So don’t worry if you’re not seeing the magical “Edit Video” button just yet — just give it a bit of time. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Via The YouTube Blog

The PlayStation Network (PSN) fiasco cost Sony a third of their revenue (Infographic)

We’ve previously covered the whole PlayStation Network (PSN) fiasco in depth in the past so we won’t go into minute details here again. If you’d like to read through it again, just hit the following links:

Contains links from this site (Firstain) as well as another site (Technorati)

Moving on, did you know how much this data breach — the most significant digital theft in history — has cost Sony? We’ll let this infographic from Promotional Codes answer you: