Flipkart’s New TVC

Flipkart will be launching a brand new TVC. However before the TVC airs on Television Flipkart has already put up the TVC on its Facebook page.

Below is the TVC. I kind of like it. Flipkart has always been innovative and creative with its ads and this is another great ad in my opinion.

What do you think about Flipkart’s new TVC? Let us know via comments!

New iPhone 4S Siri commercial features Zooey Deschanel (video)

Following Samuel L Jackson’s Siri advertisement, we have yet another unreleased iPhone 4S Siri commercial, this time starring Zooey Deschanel in the lead. We’re still waiting for an official word from Apple and YouTube but we got a feeling there might be more in store.

Samuel Jackson stars in another yet-to-be-released Siri commercial (video)

Samuel L Jackson has starred in yet another Siri commercial, complete with Apple logos and what-not, though the ad has not hit the Apple or Verizon channels yet. But you can still watch it (above), and also once again check out Samuel’s previous stint where plays Siri himself (below):

Apple’s new iCloud commercial is silently beautiful (video)

Apple has begun airing a new TV commercial centering its iCloud cloud storage service, showing how easy it is to enable iCloud and sync your stuff between Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. The ad sees not a single word spoken, yet everything beautifully explained, including different iCloud services such as Photo Stream, Automatic Downloads for songs, iBooks, apps, and wireless calendar syncing. You can watch the video below:

Samsung takes on the iPhone yet again with Galaxy Note Super Bowl advert (video)

Samsung and Apple sure seem to have started 2012 the way the ended 2011. With a number of lawsuits and stats and a handful of mocking advertisements already witnessed this year, Samsung has rolled the dice once again on Apple, yet again mocking the iPhone (and iPhone users standing in long queues for the phone) with a Galaxy Note advert aired during Super Bowl XLVI last night. The Note, which neither qualifies to be a phone nor a tablet, stands out from the crowd with a 5.3 inch touchscreen and has also got a stylus — reminding us of something which the late Steve Jobs once proclaimed “if you see a stylus, they blew it”.

Apple? Samsung? The war goes on…

Mock Thy Rival: Samsung gets into Apple’s face with new TV commercial featuring the same actress Apple used in their iPhone 4S ad (videos)

After battling it out for almost the entire 2011, Samsung and Apple’s war just won’t cease even on the last day of the year, throwing up a new controversy to welcome 2012 on a bitter note between them.

Apparently, Samsung has cast the same little girl that Apple used for an iPhone 4S advert, for their own TV commercial, sparking of a huge debate whether Samsung has at least one person left with an original idea or no.

Obviously, it could all just be a coincidence as well weighing up the girl’s acting skills. But then, given the recent unrest between the two tech giants, which reached new levels of sourness worldwide towards the end of 2011, many believe this is just another move by the Korean company to mock its bitter rivals from Cupertino, California.

Or, seeing it in lighter vein, we can blame Apple for this controversy for they forgot to patent the little girl 😛 [ah! me and my sad jokes].

Anyway, here are the two videos in question:

Apple [iPhone 4S commercial]

Samsung [Galaxy Tab 8.9 commercial]


EA Sports launches new FIFA 12 commercial (video)

Leading game maker EA has released a new FIFA 12 TV commercial and is hoping to convince you to get the game this Christmas, if you haven’t already. Starring in the ad are Wayne Rooney, Gerard Pique, Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite (a.k.a Kaka) and others.

Via Wayne Rooney

Video: Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial – “Love”

Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial titled Love which has now gone on air. In the ad, Apple demonstrates how the device is used by people in their day-to-day activities, such as editing videos through iMovie, mixing and editing music, designing, etc. In short, the holidays are coming and Apple wants to prove to you why buying the iPad 2 will be a wise call, fending off competition from cheaper alternatives like Amazon’s Nook and Fire, and the various Android tablets out there. Love.

Sprint outs new iPhone 4S ad: Unlimited iPhone (video)

Just a couple of days after Verizon’s AT&T-mocking iPhone 4S advert, Sprint has released one of their own, titled Unlimited iPhone. The video (below) is just another tactical move in the ongoing three-way war between Verizon, AT&T and Sprint — all of whom are trying to attract as many customers as they can with each claiming to provide lower rates and better call quality with less downtime.

Verizon mocks AT&T yet again with new iPhone 4S commercial (video)

Forgot their rivalry? Verizon wants to remind you that the bitterness between them and AT&T is still there with a nicely executed iPhone 4S advertisement, mocking AT&T and its iCoverage with the help of a sinking boat.

Oh my, that sinking feeling!

Banned iPhone 4S Promo (video)

We know this is perhaps not the best time to share something like this, making fun of Apple – who have lost one of their most important and influential members, Steve Jobs but hey, its all in good fun and as the maker says:

This video is in no way meant to make fun of the loss of Steve Jobs. It”s a satire of the iPhone 4S promo that Apple released on Tuesday. It’s been a very dark week indeed, and i think everyone could use laugh. I”m casino sorry if I offended anyone, or if my timing was in poor taste.

So, why do you think Apple made the iPhone 4S? Of course, because they were bored!