iPad stocks decline, confirm iPad 2’s arrival

Many retailers across Europe are slowly beginning to finish off their stock of iPads, confirming the rumors that the second-generation iPad is not far away from us. It has always been like that — whenever an Apple product’s status is changed to ‘sold out’ or ‘on sale’, it usually means a refresh is expected for that product. And that’s exactly what we are beginning to see at some retailers across Europe.

Via 9to5mac:

First, official reseller Carphone Wearhouse in the UK is now sold out of the 64 GB WiFi-only iPad. Even more interesting is the iPad 3G’s situation: all models are sold out at Carphone Wearhouse.

Next, official iPad 3G carriers in Europe  – Orange and T-Mobile have both slashed their iPad 3G prices in half for customers who sign 2 year contracts. That means you can now get an iPad 3G in Europe for only £99.99.

Major European product distributor Ingram Micro is now sold out of the 16 GB WiFi-only model, 64 GB WiFi-only model, and 64 GB WiFi + 3G model. They are also very low on stock of the 32 GB WiFi-only model, 32 GB WiFi+3G model, and 16 GB WiFi+3G model.

This really clears all doubts (from our minds at least) that the iPad 2 is soon incoming from Apple, probably sometime in March/April. What’s your say?

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Zune HD 64GB Out Much Before The Decided Date

The zune HD 64 GB music player from microsoft was about to launch on the 12th april 2010 but it seems that the product is available for sale much before the decided date.

It is available at a price of $349.99, and the 16GB and 32GB models have now also been knocked down to $200 and $270, respectively.


All of these are available in different designs and colours at 15$ extra. Another great news about the zune is that it will be preloaded with the latest v4.5 firmware which will have all the latest applications and software’s including the most famous SmartDJ.

Even though  there is a price cut in the zune music players I do not see any harm to the apple iPod because it has captured the market in a huge way which is almost impossible to beaten by any competitor