Interesting facts about the Indian Tablet-Aakash

As you might already be aware, India launched the world’s cheapest tablet earlier this month called ‘Aakash‘. The tablet actually costs a little over the rumored $35 price tag, $49.98 to be precise, but nonetheless is still the cheapest tablet the world has seen till date. But apart from the ‘cheapest tablet’ tag it has, … Continue reading “Interesting facts about the Indian Tablet-Aakash”

BREAKING: iPhone 4S release date, price in India

Our sources have bought in some amazing news for iPhone lovers in India. The new iPhone 4S will soon come to India. In fact it is launching as soon as December 2011. This new iPhone can be a good new years gift for many of us Indians, isn’t it? This new phone is expected to … Continue reading “BREAKING: iPhone 4S release date, price in India”

India finally launch world’s cheapest tablet — ‘Aakash’

The Government Of India has kept its promise and finally launched, as scheduled, the cheapest tablet the world has seen named ‘Aakash’. Previously expected to arrive earlier this year, the tablet’s October launch has bought a huge sigh of relief to people, especially students, all over India. Costing the government Rs. 2,276 (Approx. $49.98), the device  will … Continue reading “India finally launch world’s cheapest tablet — ‘Aakash’”

Angry B**bs: The Angry Birds Bra!

What on earth is happening?!?! One of the most popular games, which is spreading like forest fire and entering every human’s daily routine, Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds has become so popular that it’s characters have been imprinted on a… BRA! The cups have been custom made by SceeneShoes over at etsy and cost $35, with sizes … Continue reading “Angry B**bs: The Angry Birds Bra!”

INFOGRAPHIC: 35 years of Apple Inc. products

      Apple has been ruling our technological purchases since 1976, ever since they launched their first product. Since then, Apple has grown to become a beast of a company, providing us gadgets since the last 35 years that has made life much easier for us. In remembrance of that, Mashable has shared an … Continue reading “INFOGRAPHIC: 35 years of Apple Inc. products”