iPhone prices slashed: 3GS now free, iPhone 4 now $99 + iPhone 4S prices

It was always due. With the arrival of the new iPhone 4S, Apple has slashed the rates of existing devices, making the 8GB iPhone 3GS free on contract and reducing the iPhone 4 to $99 on carrier agreement.

The 4S, on the other hand, is available for:

16GB – $199 | 32GB – $299 | 64GB – $399

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Apple Announces New iPod Touch, available from October 12

Apart from the Nano, Apple has updated the Touch as well, giving users a host of new products today.


  • 8GB – $199
  • 32GB – $299
  • 64GB – $399

Please note there is no 16GB update

The new iPod Touch will be available from October 12.

BREAKING: Apple iPhone 4 available for pre-order in India from Rs.34,200 onwards

After launching the iPad 2 and slashing the iMac and Mac Mini prices in India recently, the country has now received some more affection from Apple in the form of the iPhone 4. The controversial smartphone is all set to arrive within the next 2-3 weeks, if online shopping site HomeShop18 is to be believed. Apparently, they are taking pre-orders for both Black and White variations of the iPhone 4 in the 16-gig and 32-gig models.

Price and availability

The 16GB model is put up for Rs.34,200 and the 32GB model for Rs.40,200 with Rs.40 an additional burden as shipping charges. The phone will be shipped to the buyer within 20 days of transaction and will come with a choice of either Airtel or Aircel as carriers.

While this is a clear indicator that the iPhone 4 is coming to India within the next 2-3 weeks, i’d suggest you don’t rush in quickly and pre-order one from the above mentioned site but instead wait and see what prices Airtel and Aircel have to offer you.

Apple teases Verizon iPhone plans, then pulls down page in a flash

First the goods: Apple put up plans of the soon launching Verizon iPhone on its website, giving pricing for the 2 available models – 16GB (Black) and 32GB (Black). Here’s a rundown:

Model No: MC676LL/A iPhone 4 16GB (black)
Model No: MC678LL/A iPhone 4 32GB (black)

Available plans:
Talk: 450 min/mo ($.45 ea over) $39.99/mo
Talk: 900 min/mo w/unlimited to 5 selected people (any network) ($.40 ea over) $59.99/mo
Talk: Unlimited $69.99/mo

Data: Unlimited iPhone $29.99/mo
Data: Unlimited iPhone + 2GB tethering and Hotspot 3G ($20/GB over) $49.99/mo

Messaging: Pay-per-use $.20/text $.25/video/pic
Messaging: 250 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $5/mo
Messaging: 500 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $10/mo
Messaging: Unlimited $20/mo

Here are links:16GB32GB

Got your doze? Now over to the hide and seek: Apple quickly removed the Verizon iPhone ordering page from their website, making us believe it is either because there are changes required to the plan (mentioned above), or they feel its too soon for everyone to know. Whatever it is, they acted too slow!

Verizon iPhone Ordering link.

Thanks 9to5mac for the goods!

Kingston 16GB MicroSDHC: It’s Superfast!

Kingston have announced the availability of a 16GB microSDHC Class 10 card. FYI (For Your Information), ‘Class’ means it meets Class 10 requirements spelled out in the SD Association Specification 3.00: it has a minimum data transfer rate of 10MB/second!

Kingston is so sure about it’s product that the card comes with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 tech support. This only makes someone wish that it would be great if more tech companies stood behind their products like that.

You can buy it alone for $138, with an SD adapter for $139, or with a miniSD and SD adapter for $140. I know this is a little bit on the high side but the fact that memory prices drop quickly means there is nothing to worry about.

This card is compatible with microSDHC, miniSDHD, and SDHC devices, but not with standard microSD-enabled devices or readers.

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