Leak news the Apple way !

Leak news the Apple way ! Apple rumours are on the rise! But who gives rise to such rumours? Have you ever wondered why Apple news is everywhere on the web? Well if you are still cluless, then i’m happy to inform you your search ends right here. So who leaks Apple news? To your … Continue reading “Leak news the Apple way !”


From my personal experience I can only say that Techfest has been just like wine.The older it gets the better. Indeed no amount of adjectives would suffice the charm of this mesmerizing and dazzling event. Trust me it will never fail to catch your imagination. Right from the highly sophisticated competitions to the enlightening lecture series and exhibitions. … Continue reading “IIT BOMBAY TECHFEST 2010”

† Twin Video

† Twin Video This path-breaking ION Dual-Lens Hand Video Camera, a first of its kind, is the first video camera that allows you to capture images of what is in front of you and, at the same time, it records your own reaction. All this thanks to two lenses, one focusing the front perspective as usual, … Continue reading “† Twin Video”

† iHome iA5 and iA100

†  iHome iA5 and iA100 These devices boasting of speakers,  alarm-clock and charging base for iPhone/iPod have an attractive design and can be very handy too. Plus,  they also include a free application called iHome+Sleep, which allows users to synchronize the device with their iPhone or iPod in order to be able to program their waking … Continue reading “† iHome iA5 and iA100”

Iphone 4g

Iphone 4g Iphone 2g, 3g ,3gs and now its time for the all new apple iphone 4g. Apple has never disappointed us with its unique and brilliant design and supremacy and excellence in quality. Hopefully it will live upto its expectations with the new iphone 4g. An OLED display, 5-megapixel camera and a release date between May and … Continue reading “Iphone 4g”

Audi A8

† Audi A8 * Sharper, edgier look that should make it stand out in Audi’s field of rounder designs * Swoopy LED driving lights * Slight increase in size to give it a more commanding presence * 200-hp twin-turbodiesel four-cylinder * W-12 engine — expected to increase in power and displacement to over 500 hp and … Continue reading “Audi A8”

1,2,3…..and now its 4!

† 1,2,3….and now its 4! NTT DoCoMo is famous for producing cellular phones,  capable of data transmission at high speeds. Their new 4G phones,  an improvement of their 3G version which had 384 Kbps downloads and 129 Kbps uploads,  could receive data at 100 Mbps on the move and upto a Gigabyte when static.  This means … Continue reading “1,2,3…..and now its 4!”

Ipl Now on your desktop but no good for the Indian People

The Indian Premier league made its new rules of telecasting. As always the IPL does not take into consideration the effects it will have on the indian markets. Ipl has announced that it shall telecast ipl live on youtube on the site youtube.com/ipl. It is definitely not good for the Indians who have a mere … Continue reading “Ipl Now on your desktop but no good for the Indian People”

Facebook User-Get McAfee Internet Security Free

Free McAfee Internet Security Oh read it many times on the net. What is so great about it? Must be a silly trail version or a mery spam. It is none of the above. This is official that facebook users might get macafee internet security free for 6months.Read below to find out how? This is … Continue reading “Facebook User-Get McAfee Internet Security Free”