Webcasting Tips and Tricks for Presenters

There are all sort of different options when it comes to webcasting and webcasting technology these days. In order to find out what path is most suited to your particular theme, approach, and content, there are a few tips and tricks that you can wander through mentally to check in with current standards.

Depending on size and scope, some of your research categories are going to be approaching your webcast from an enterprise-grade standpoint, approaching your presentation from a more casual standpoint, finding the right format for your presentation, and then choosing how technical and specific you want to get as far as editing and publishing go.

Approaching from an Enterprise-Grade Standpoint

Webcasting is an entirely different animal when it comes to the professionalism and efficiency required for appropriate presentations on a corporate level. Good thing there are companies that specifically sell professional webcasting solutions for people who need an efficient way to talk to between 50-1000 people in real-time. After purchasing, these services are typically extremely easy to set up and very effective at allowing your message to be produced and reproduced at will for the duration of your project.

Approaching From a Casual Standpoint

Casual webcasting is something that many people appreciate because it shows the casters to be human. Mistakes are made. Because it’s in real time, the timing between segments isn’t perfect. Things may not look quite right, or sound quite right. Anyone who watches one of the casual webcasts expects these things, and the familiarity of the mistakes is part of the draw. If you look up gamecasts, they fit into this casual webcast category, and some of them are insanely popular and make millions of dollars for the people who run them. It’s all about knowing your audience at that point.

Finding the Right Format

The basic formats for webcasts are all over the place. There’s the talking head. There’s the PowerPoint presentation version. There are webcasts that rely on video, and others that are more audio based. If you are planning on webcasting yourself, the choice of format is almost as important as the content you’re streaming itself. It’s the whole “the medium is the message” concept at its finest, and that theory should not be ignored.

Choosing Whether To Edit or Not

Video editing is hard, tedious, technical, and time consuming. If it’s an integral part of your professional output when it comes to uploading your webcast after the fact, plan on spending some serious time learning video editing techniques and then rendering it all together into something usable. Some people find the whole process very rewarding, however, so depending on what category of people you fall into, you may find that you enjoy it more than the webcast itself!

Personalizing Check to Match With Tech Business Themes

Even in a tech-heavy world, every once in a while you’re going to need to have a few manual checks from a checkbook around, so there are a few things that you can do to make sure to keep organized and secure. First, look into which business offer reliable short-order possibilities and keep that info handy. Also, if there’s any kind of custom artwork you’d like include to match with the theme of your company, look into companies that specialize in that kind of printing as well. As you’re looking through your options, also be sure that the companies that you work with have the latest security options available, and from your end, be sure that your bank numbers, addresses, and business info is kept up to date on record.

Small Business or Work-From-Home Orders

When it comes to small business or work-from-home checks, there are a number of different companies that do this work expressly. There are very competitive rates out there, depending on the number and format of checks that you need, so don’t rush to purchase from the first place that you find. Look to various customer reviews of the companies as well to make sure that mistakes are handled accordingly. Sometimes there are shipping fees to be aware of as well, so reading into details and fine print is a must when choosing the best contractor.

Look At Custom Art Options

Having custom art on your checks is something that many people appreciate. It shows that you’re serious enough about the theme of your company to want to be as consistent as possible across all mediums. If you work for an architecture company, for example, there are really brilliant architecture graphic check designs that you can use to show your interest and background in that particular industry. Find your own custom graphics examples online at will to complete that process. It’s just another one of those details that you can think about when trying to make your own personal standpoint stand out from the competition.

Be Sure To Keep Data Accurate and Secure

In order to keep your business finances, as well as personal finances, it’s important to make sure that whatever checks you order, you have all of the latest safety features on them as well. This often involves some type of laser printing. In addition to that, be sure to have the feature selected through your bank where, when they see some strange charge being made, they call or text you. This type of check fraud prevention is something that is very worth investing in, especially if you’re in a startup company that can’t afford to make any big legal mistakes as you’re incorporating your idea in a business flow.

5 Tips for Hosting a Screaming Zombie Party

Have you jumped on board with the latest zombie craze? So obsessed you want to share the fun with your friends and family? If so, it may be time for you to host your very own zombie-themed party. Don’t be intimidated if this seems a daunting task. It can be much simpler than you think and there are plenty of television shows and movies to watch to set the atmosphere. Included here are a few of the must-haves to make your party a smashing success.


By now you must know that you can’t host a zombie party in a sweater vest. If you are going to commit to this soiree, commit to your own personal attire. There are innumerable actors and actresses that take being a zombie, and being a zombie killer, to the next level. Decide what theme you are going for and whether you are pursuing modern day zombie love or the Frankensteinian era costume choices.


It would be difficult to get in an appropriately terrified mindset while lounging on a comfortable sofa with sunlight streaming in on your flowering house plants. Set the mood by making your room dark, board the windows up to your home, splatter fake blood on the table cloths, and hang terrifying zombie versions of your family photos on the walls. This will be sure to have your guests screaming in no time.


Sipping margaritas at a zombie party would just feel wrong. It almost goes without saying that Bloody Mary’s are meant to be the drink of choice. If your friends are not feeling the tomatoey classic, try mixing up a zombie punch with blood red cranberry juice, rum, and lime sherbet. Finger foods can take on a much more literal meaning at your zombie party. Try experimenting with cocktail sausages that look like severed fingers, a meat hand made of meatloaf, or a blood drenched brain cake.


Nothing can get your guests pumped up for your “Monster Mash” better than a few good tunes. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson is sure to get your guests jumping and can be followed up with “Zombie Delight” by Buck 65. You can always go out and purchase the haunting soundtrack from “The Walking Dead” to play as a precursor to your scary movie showing.


Don’t hesitate to join in on the zombie fun by playing a few monstrously themed games to lead up to your viewing. Enjoy a drinking game while watching “The Walking Dead,” wherein everytime someone on the show says “walker,” you must take a shot. “Dawn of the Zeds” is a game that will test your survival skills against a zombie infested world. Last, but not least, “Dark, Darker, Darkest” is a horrifying zombie game in which you will be pitted against time to find a cure for the zombiepocalypse.

Technology That Helps Your Business Stay On Track

From small businesses to big ones, there’s no doubt that you have some sort of technology that helps your business plug along. Did you know that it’s important to have some kind of program in place to help you keep track of the technology you do have?

Think back to a time before computers and all of the technological advances the world has now. File cabinets were the norm. Every office had them and some had a lot of them. You even needed to hire a file clerk to keep them all organized and put in the right place. With the technology and software out there now it’s as easy as typing in a word or two and you’ll have the document you need.

Cloud Storage

Nowadays you don’t need to fill up your entire computer memory with your saved files. Instead you can use cloud storage to store your stuff where you can get to it from any computer anywhere around the world. While cloud storage can take the headache out of losing files and information, it’s still important to make sure you name your files in a way that makes them easy to find. Come up with a strategy and stick with it.

Asset Management

One of the biggest assets to your company is probably your technology, including computers. How do you keep track of your computers? Well, you should be doing it with IT Asset Management Software. According to Synetic Technologies, a company that specializes in IT asset management, the right technology can put your business at a competitive advantage.


While smartphones may seem like a luxury purchase to most people, businesses know that they are a great asset to the company. Between all of the amazing apps that are available for smartphones that can help businesses and business people greatly, they also help you stay in constant contact. There is nothing worse than losing a potential client because you just stepped out of the office to run an errand and missed their call.

The bonus of technology for businesses is that you can usually recoup the expenses, even if you are a small business or a contractor. Since they are business expenses they give you a little cash back when tax time rolls around.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to computer software, cloud storage and other cloud services, smartphones and apps. Take some time to look around and find out what is the best choice for your business and your business type. What’s good for a small business may not be the best choice, and vice-versa. Find out about free trials too, and you may be able to find out the easy way something wasn’t right for your company, instead of the expensive way.

Identity Theft: Easier To Accomplish, Easier To Stop

The idea of identify theft wanders in and out of public consciousness depending on a number of factors. If you or someone one know has been a victim, it’s probably on your mind. If there is a major movie released or book published that has identity theft in it, it’s probably on your mind. If it’s been in the news, same thing. But those ideas are fleeting. Identify theft itself, is extremely pervasive, which means just as a matter of organization, you should understand that with new technology, it is easier for criminals to perpetrate, but it’s also easier for you to prevent.

Who To Contact If It Has Already Happened

If you already know you’ve been a victim, immediately contact a reputable law firm, and particularly consider ones that specialize in those kinds of crimes or who have long histories of success. Laws can be very finicky in this area, and you don’t want to cut corner or pinch pennies when it comes to having the right people represent you. Once it has already happened, it’s too late to think about prevention or future damage control – it’s time to have the best lawyers you can afford make sure that you get your life, money, and property back.

Ways It Can Happen

Some of the common ways that identity theft can happen, especially with new technology and networking connections being so common, is through data mining and phishing on the Internet. Many people don’t have great ideas the differences between legitimate places to put your information in online, and places that are just searching for your information, either to rip you off or get you on some crazy email list. New tech allows people to scan for credit card numbers as well, so be aware that every time you are connected to a network, there is the possibility that someone or something is sniffing around your data transfers.

How To Protect Yourself

Common sense is the best protection against identity theft. Primarily, this means you should have your bank account and credit card account settings set up so that if there is any strange behavior, you will be alerted immediately. This is the single best way that technology has helped people out with identity theft as related to money. As far as other information goes, if you regularly check out information related to your social security account, that will tell you if anyone has scanned through any of that information as well. It’s very important that you protect that number in particular, as someone can use it slowly over the years for different applications, and ultimately learn all about your habits, gradually splitting off your actual life events.

How To: Optimize Your Drug Rehab Facility for Apple Watch

With the brand new Apple Watch set to release at the end of April, more and more mobile users will find themselves relying more than ever on Apple’s voice command function, Siri. Searching on the go is going to be easier than ever for the average user.

Siri focuses heavily on local searches – so if you’re a drug rehab facility that primarily serves your local community, it’s important to make sure you’re indexed in every way possible for users to find you. When it comes to developing a comprehensive SEO strategy, many companies neglect to optimize for search engines other than Google. But if you want to stand a chance against your competitors, you’ll need to keep Siri in mind. Read on for some tips to incorporate Siri and other local search functions into your digital marketing strategy.

Create Multiple Profiles

There are countless sites with profiles of local businesses listed, such as Localeze, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, TomTom, Yelp, and Google+ Local. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps are constantly pulling data from these platforms, so it’s important not only to create a profile on each one but also to ensure these profiles are detailed and complete.

Every Apple Watch will be pre-loaded with Apple Maps, so check your business listing there. If your drug rehab facility is unlisted or is incorrectly listed, send a report to Apple to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

It’s equally important to optimize for Google, because many iOS users still prefer Google Maps. Set your facility up with Google My Business to make sure your Google+ profile is listed on both Maps and Search.

Optimize for Siri

There are a few different ways to optimize for Siri, including but certainly not limited to:

·      Creating a formal review program for clients and their families to report feedback. Both consumers and search engines gravitate toward reviews. They want to know that your facility places individual focus on each resident and that your staff treats every patient with respect. Reviews speak for themselves about quality of care – and Siri also readily indexes them. Encourage happy clients to leave reviews.

·      Optimizing for long-tail keywords. Siri users search with natural speech, which means their queries are longer and more specific. Build out keywords for voice searches and phrases to compensate for different ways people talk.

·      Using schema tags to add value to local searches. These tags help search engines – and, in turn, Siri – to understand web content because they make it easier to index. Schema tags list information like address, phone number, rankings, and operating hours of businesses.

Optimizing for Local Searches

Pricing for drug rehab SEO depends on the extent of your reach. Some local indexes are harder to break into than others, which also figures into how much it costs to optimize your SEO. Either way, the cost is well worth it – especially when it comes to optimizing for so many different search venues.

4 Online Tools to Pump Up a Tech Resume

While many jobs are becoming obsolete, according to Bill Snyder on InfoWorld, there is no end in site for the boom in technology related jobs. With business being increasingly reliant on the Internet, big data, and e-commerce–and entire new markets being created by mobile device and applications–there’s an increased demand for qualified tech workers. A career path in tech can be both lucrative and personally rewarding, so it’s no surprise that many are trying to grab these jobs. For employers, however, there’s often a gap between the skill-set they are looking for and what potential employees have to offer. With a wealth of resources available online, there’s a number of things tech hopefuls can do to pump up their resume.

Get a Degree or Certification

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to pump up a tech resume is to get a degree or complete a certification program in a technology related subject. Whether it’s computer science or software programming, there’s no requirement stipulating that the degree has to be completed on a university campus. Dozens of schools, including MIT are offering online degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as a host of other online learning opportunities, according to a report by U.S. News. It’s relatively simple for those who wish to complete an entire degree from the comfort of their home; with the option of doing so either full or part time.

Complete Online Training Courses

Getting a degree is useful but often it’s not enough. According to training experts CBT Nuggets, in order to get specific training for very specific skills or a desired career track, consider completing tailored online tech training courses. A tailored course can help fill in the gaps. Since many employers are often looking for very specific skills, it’s crucial to check exactly what is necessary for the desired position. After that, there’s a vast number of courses that teach the ins and outs of tech, like programming and development, network administration and engineering, project management and more.

Build an Appropriate Resume

Even with all the right qualifications, according to Dori Reuscher, a tech certification expert, many job seekers find their biggest hurdle is building the perfect tech resume. The first step in creating a resume is simply drawing up a list of all the skills one has acquired. For tech resumes, it’s essential to categorize these skills into general tech related categories such as ‘network security’ or ‘database administration’. Listing the certifications they have completed and formatting the resume so it’s readable are the final steps. There are countless tools online to help with the organization and proper creation of professional resumes.

Leverage Social Media Profiles

While sending out resumes once included printing and placing the paper into someone’s hands, much of the groundwork is now laid on the Internet, and social media profiles suddenly have a place in the professional world. LinkedIn, in particular, is one of the networks that many tech companies are using to aid in their recruitment and hiring processes. Leveraging the profile in a way that makes them more attractive to employers is important and can be done by carefully organizing and adding qualifications and certifications. Instead of only covering the basics, job seekers should do their best to use all the tools and enhancements LinkedIn offers to make themselves more visible, impressive, and, consequently, more employable.

Tech for Medical Assistants

The ever-growing medical field relies heavily on technology to operate. Technology helps in every aspect from scheduling appointments and tracking provider schedules to viewing lab results taken in a hospital while in a doctor’s office. Medical assistants must utilize these technologies to do their jobs. Technology will make the medical assistant’s role, as well as the patient’s role, much easier.

Medical Assistants Utilize Technology

The writers of onetonline.org list the following items as technology used by medical assistants in today’s jobs:

  • Operating system software – Medical Assistants need to be able to maneuver in various operating systems. These could include Microsoft Windows Vista Business or Microsoft Office.

  • Office Suite Software – Business software applications are used by medical assistants. These would include programs like Microsoft Office.

  • Electronic Mail Software – Email programs like Microsoft Exchange are important to medical assistants.

  • Accounting Software – Billing and bookkeeping software help medical assistants perform effectively.

  • Medical Software – Medical Assistants will need to use Electronic Medical Record or Health Record Software. They may also use visual electro diagnostic software.

Remember, this list is definitely subject to change. New technologies mean new ways to help patients. New discoveries in medicine necessitate change.

Electronic Health Records Streamline Work

Medical assistants will most likely need training in the use of electronic health records according to Allied Health Institute. On the most simple of terms, EHRs are computerized patient charts. At best, EHR’s can be truly patient-centered, real-time records. Information about the patient’s health can be accessed immediately. EHR’s can keep the patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medication, test results, radiology images, allergies and other records organized. Being able to see these records help providers give the best available healthcare to the patient. Providers also benefit from the automation of workflow, as well as the accuracy and organization of patient information. Patients are sometimes also allowed access to their medical records, which allows rapid discovery of test results and better patient satisfaction. One of the most amazing features of EHR’s is that they can include information from clinics, emergency rooms, hospital stays and any variety of healthcare settings.

Healthcare Continues to Evolve

We are in an ever-changing situation; our world is increasingly digitally connected. Each new technology lets healthcare providers drastically change procedures, streamlining their systems. Improvements in software programs let populations stats be tracked and help with diagnosing issues. Billing and tracking practices help identify patient’s past treatments. Paperwork is reduced; successful treatments are increased. The successful medical assistant will be able to adapt to this change and evolve with the new technology.

Medical assisting is an ever-adapting career. With our aging population, we need more healthcare providers. We are able to provide better care with the medical assistants and the technologies they embrace.

Creative Impact: Understanding Where Technology and Design Intersect

There is a tendency for people to separate ‘creative’ and ‘technological’ into very different mental spaces, but with the types of technology that are currently blossoming, that border is rapidly disappearing. Logical thought processes are now being given a pathway into creative endeavors, and creative people are being shows ways to improve their technical skills and vocabulary in a way that is unprecedented. To showcase a little bit of the creative impact of where these abilities collide, consider the general cases of software, machinery, and the relatively new field of 3D printing.


In the past, it may have been that tech-savvy people programmed the software that creative people used to design with. Now, those worlds have merged quite effectively into software packages that give technically oriented people a tremendous amount of power to program in design-work, and they have also given creative people a way to equate numbers, number systems, and math into their works of art. This balance can produce some extraordinary results, and with packages like Adobe has available, it is within any professional or serious hobbyist’s budget to have access to the necessary tools.


When it comes to machinery, machining, and machine design, there are extremely complicated processes to think about. Physics, material use, quality checks, environmental considerations, and inventory are just a few of the loops that industrial engineers have to manage. With the onset of some of the new technology available now though, some types of parts can be designed by sight, with the math built into the virtualizations. Now parts, pieces, rails, engine blocks, fasteners, and motors can all be put together virtually and tested. Those with eyes for the aesthetic can combine their intelligence with the testing skills of machine engineers to create the specs for beautiful, functional devices and appliances.

3D Printing

3D printing is going to be a groundbreaking way to combine art, science, creativity, and technological development together. Now, engineers and artists can be one and the same, or at least work at the same project, and then test it as a physical object once it has been printed. While maybe not ready for prime time mass production, these kinds of prototypes are going to be the wave of the future, and the level of customization that is going to be available is going to take certain industries to a brand new level of form and function.

By keeping up to date on software developments, machining technology, and 3D printing technology, both artists and engineers will be able to see a glimpse of the future as it is happening, and as educational programs and training catch up with improvements, product development is going to hit new heights of efficiency.

Data recovery from memory card made possible through EaseUS data recovery software

A memory card is put to use in different ways and in different devices. This solid state flash memory card is an electronic device and can be used in mobile phones, digital camera, computer, consoles used in video games, music player, etc. You can keep on recording things on that without any problem. You can store images as well as documents in this memory card. If you are planning to buy any laptop or mobile devices, then you will see that the specification there states that it has space for SD card too.

They have in-built slots for SD card and it is quite useful storage device. It comes with handy features that depend on how it is used and where it can be put to use. If you are facing problem with the storage space and you are thinking of extending it, then you can do so by adding the SD card to your mobile device and enjoy a huge selection of ringtones or apps or music.

In this way when one memory card of yours gets exhausted like it has reached its ultimate limit, then you can swap it with a brand new one where you will be able to store new things. This way you won’t have to keep on deleting files and making space for new ones. But, in case you don’t have the option of getting a new one for yourself, then you have to use the one you have and in case accidentally you end up deleting the wrong files, then it will be a huge problem for you.

You can excuse yourself from the stress if you have the EaseUS memory card data recovery software handy with you. Moreover, if you get the software for free of cost, then nothing can get better than that. EaseUS has just the right option for you as it has free software with the help of which you can easily recover lost data from the memory card in three easy steps.

Step1.Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select the file types you want to recover.


Step 2. Select the memory card where you lost your data and click “Scan” button


Step 3. After scan, you can preview all the listed recoverable files one by one and select out those you want. Then, click “Recover” button to get them back once. 


Recovering data from formatted SD card

You thought you have copy all the important information from the SD card and before you start rewriting the SD card, you thought of formatting it. But, guess what, at the end you found that you don’t have any backup of the SD card, so now you are in a fix because you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; you have a handy recovery formatted SD card wizard right in front of you in the form of EaseUS.

It will help you get back whatever you have lost and that too absolutely free of cost. The best part is that you can complete this task even if you do not have much of a technical knowledge. The steps involved in this are quite easy and once everything is sorted out the preview option will help you decide which files to restore and which files are best left behind.