Five Ways That Self-driving Trucks Will Change Freight Delivery

If you’ve ever had a tough time parallel parking your car on a busy side street, you may have dreamed of what it would be like to have a self-driving vehicle that could take over such a challenging moment on the road. The technology is here and available. Freight delivery and shipping services will be … Continue reading “Five Ways That Self-driving Trucks Will Change Freight Delivery”

Getting Your Money’s Worth in Driving Used Cars

Replacing Auto Parts in Used Vehicles Buying a brand new vehicle can be out of the budget of some drivers. It’s much more cost-effective to replace some major components in a used car than to lease or finance a vehicle that has just rolled out of the factory. According to this blog, it’s possible to … Continue reading “Getting Your Money’s Worth in Driving Used Cars”

10 Ways of Reducing Cost of Motoring

Motorists may not realize how expensive it is to own a car because they pay bit by bit. When they total them up at the end of the year they will see how large the spending is. The good news is that when the amount spent is high you can save substantial amounts by looking … Continue reading “10 Ways of Reducing Cost of Motoring”

High Tech Safety Features to Look For in a Car

With consistent improvements in automated safety features, today’s cars are becoming increasingly smart and independent. While we may still be many years away from the reality of a self-driving car, today’s most exciting safety technology is definitely a step in this direction. Using computers, sensors, and lasers, cars can detect passengers, find parking spaces, and … Continue reading “High Tech Safety Features to Look For in a Car”

The Indispensability of Traffic Barricades in Traffic Security

The frequency of road accidents has been multiplying in a high number in the last few years. Everyday too many lives are being compromised to uncontrolled traffic. Though, one cannot take up the responsibility of eradicating accidents completely, certain measures can be undertaken in order to bring down the number of accidents occurring in the … Continue reading “The Indispensability of Traffic Barricades in Traffic Security”

Rent-a-Car: Aluguer De Automóveis

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, renting a car provides you with independence and the freedom to explore once you arrive at your destination.  You’ll be able to take along cameras, picnic items, and other accessories that will make your excursions more meaningful and memorable.  Because you always want to maintain a budget, shopping … Continue reading “Rent-a-Car: Aluguer De Automóveis”

4 Revved Up, Record-Setting Cars

Revved up sports cars with record setting credentials are fun to fantasize about. Who wouldn’t want to drive the world’s fastest open-top car or cruise down the street in the most valuable Mustang? Luxury sports cars have impressive technical specifications, plush interior features and oftentimes hefty price tags. It’s no wonder why muscle cars and … Continue reading “4 Revved Up, Record-Setting Cars”

This Year’s Top Trends in Green Car Technology

In auto shows around the world this year, the biggest trend has been green technology. A recent survey by J.D. Power and Associates indicates that one in four consumers is interested in making their next car a hybrid, which is why automakers are revving up their engines to provide more affordable and convenient options. New … Continue reading “This Year’s Top Trends in Green Car Technology”

Oxfordshire’s Motoring Teams Show New Cars, Burn The Circuit

Marussia and Caterham, two Oxfordshire based Formula One teams, recently unveiled their new cars for the upcoming Championship season. The cars, previewed at the Circuito de Jerez training circuit, represent Marussia’s MR02 model, and Caterham’s CT03, with Marussia using KERs (kinetic energy recovery system) for the first time. Both teams have struggled to establish themselves as new contenders on the F1 … Continue reading “Oxfordshire’s Motoring Teams Show New Cars, Burn The Circuit”

Google Out to Change the World with Their Driverless Car Technology

The pace at which certain technological innovations accelerate in this modern age is remarkable. Take driverless car technology, for instance. What seemed like a fantasy out of futuristic Jetson’s episode a short decade ago now seems like an imminent reality. In 2004, the US Government held a widely publicized challenge to automotive innovators offering a … Continue reading “Google Out to Change the World with Their Driverless Car Technology”

How Fleet Tracking Systems Can Benefit and Boost Your Business

Vehicle tracking is growing extremely popular as a vital tool within many businesses. There are so many benefits such as increasing productivity and better time management. It makes day to day tracking and reviewing information extremely easy and straightforward. As vehicle trackers are so beneficial, many businesses are now considering incorporating them into their fleet … Continue reading “How Fleet Tracking Systems Can Benefit and Boost Your Business”

Road Tested: Know what Gear you need for Biking

If you have decided to start biking, then there are a couple of things that you will need to know before you begin. Everyone gives biking a try now and then, and many people find it to be a great source of exercise and an excellent way to keep fit. Nothing like biking gives you … Continue reading “Road Tested: Know what Gear you need for Biking”