Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this interesting gadget

Yes, you read it right, now you can turn your iPad into a real foosball table! It is pretty cool to play foosball on your smartphone, but to play it on the iPad with a little foosball table, now that is a unique experience. People in New Potato Technologies are the one behind this interesting gadget which combines virtual applications and the real foosball table.

So, how does it work?

First things first, you have to meet some requirements before you can purchase this amazing foosball table, but don’t worry it is not complicated. The application which works on this stand is called the Classic Match Foosball, which is the name of the foosball table as well. You have to download the application to play on the table because this app is 100% compatible with the stand. Any other application might work, but not likely because the stand is made especially for this application. The application itself is FREE so I don’t see a problem with the download.

Now, let’s talk about the stand. There are two dimensions you can purchase because the first dimension is compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3. The second stand, a newer model, is compatible with the iPad 3, 4 and iPad Air and Air 2.

Two sizes of foosball tables for iPad

Both of the tables look pretty much the same, except some minor design changes which don’t affect the game. With this foosball table, you will get 4 legs, 1 stand for the iPad, 8 rods and 2 scoring systems (one in red and one in blue). The table assembly is extremely simple; all you need to do is to attach the legs on the stand and insert the rods into 8 holes, just below the place where you put the iPad and you are done. On the bottom part of the table is 1 USB port, which means that you can plug the table and charge your iPad while you play the match. Forget about the empty battery notification during the most interesting part of the game.

When you assemble the stand for the iPads and place them on the stand, your iPad will look like the mini foosball table. On both longer sides of the iPad are 4 rods used to control the players in the game. On both shorter sides of the iPads are scoring systems so you will have to move the bean when you score – just like on the real foosball table.

The Classic Match Foosball application

The foosball application is really good. I like the fact that the rods and the players in the app move the same second so you really have a feeling like you are on the real table. Rods are extra sensitive so they register every move you make, no matter how small it is. Unfortunately, the rods in the reality and the rods in the game aren’t in line, they are moved a little bit, but that is something you can get used to after 3-4 matches.

This gadget is one excellent product which will keep you entertained for hours and I think it can be the perfect gift for every fooser on the planet.

Most Profitable Sports Leagues Worldwide

As a sports fan you may have come across a number of sport leagues while reading the latest sports news. But have you wondered which sports leagues are among the most profitable ones? Read on to find out!

Barclays Premier League: If recent reports are to be believed, this league is the world’s richest sporting league. The clubs, totaling 20, shelled out a mammoth $1,012 billion on its players. According to a report, revenues of all the clubs put together would add up to $4.67 billion in the next season. This would be a hike of $933 million as against the 2012-2013 season.


NBA: The NBA has 30 teams, with 29 in the United States and one in Canada. Statistics from the early part of 2013 suggested that an NBA team is worth $509 million, an increase of 30 per cent from 2012. The league’s most valuable team is the New York Knicks, worth $1.1 billion.

NFL: The profit margin for the National Football League increased in 2012. The revenues of the average team rose to $286 million per team in 2012. The NFL generates over $8 billion in revenue every season. In 2013, the Dallas Cowboys alone were valued at $2.3 billion. However, every club has a salary ceiling, which is affixed at $123 million for 2013.

MBL: The revenue of the MLB stood at $6.81 billion in 2012. Statistics from Bloomberg suggest that the average value of an MLB team is $1 billion, a 35 percent-hike from previous estimates. The New York Yankees are worth $3.3 billion, making them the most expensive and valuable team of the league. In fact, MLB is in its peak form and has seen the largest spectator numbers over the last decade, signing two eight-year US national TV contracts, one for $2.8 billion and one for $4 billion. While baseball’s revenues are expected to cross the $9 billion mark by 2014, football revenues are already almost there.

NHL: The League’s revenue is expected to be $2.4 billion this year. Though the NHL is not in the same league as MLB or NFL when it comes to profitability, it is gaining slowly. It’s definitely closer to the NBA whose revenue is estimated at $5 billion.

Formula 1: The Formula One racing championship saw revenues of $1.6 billion in 2012, a marginal increase from $1.5 billion in 2011. A chunk of the profits, a little over 47 per cent, is split between all teams, known as the prize fund. In 2011, this money amounted to $400-500 million and was shared among the top ten teams. In Singapore, F1 has quickly become one of the most successful races. The attendance for the Singapore Grand Prix was 260,000 in 2012. The league has plans to introduce new races in other frontiers including Russia.

Manchester United to celebrate 20th league title in India with Dwight Yorke

Manchester United

Ex-Red Dwight Yorke is all set to spearhead Manchester United’s 20th league title triumph in India by hosting #IAMUNITED, presented by Airtel, in New Delhi.

Following on from the success of its previous #IAMUNITED events in New York, Kuwait and Jakarta, the club has teamed up with Airtel, its official telecommunications partner in India, to bring the title celebration to India.

The fan party, which takes place on 12 May at Blue Frog, Mehrauli, will give some of the club’s 35 million Indian followers the chance to watch United collect the Premier League trophy after a screening of the home game against Swansea.

During #IAMUNITED, presented by Airtel, fans will also get the chance to meet three-time league winner Yorke, who is supporting the event. The ex-United striker will be sharing stories about his time at the club and what it feels like to lift the coveted trophy.

With 1,500 free tickets for the event to give away, the club is challenging the lucky fans who attend to create an atmosphere to challenge that at Old Trafford.

Over 48 million Indian fans tuned into a United game last season, but #IAMUNITED, presented by Airtel, will give them a unique way to watch their favourite team. Starting at 19:00 local time, fans will be treated to various pre- and post-match entertainment in the build-up to a momentous occasion for both the club and its supporters.

Fans wishing to apply for a ticket must visit manutd.com/iamunited between Monday 29 April and Tuesday 7 May, where they will be entered into a ballot. The 1,500 fans will then be selected at random.

Find more news and features from previous IAMUNITED events.

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Tevez ordered to do community order

carlos tevez

City striker Carlos Tevez has been saved from going to jail but he was sentenced to perform 250 hours of community service after pleading guilty on Wednesday to 2 motoring offences. The Argentine has also been handed a six month driving ban and ordered to pay a fine 1145 pounds. He must do his community service within the next 12 months and his driving ban starts immediately.

Real Madrid becomes the top earning club

Real madrid logo

According to the 16th edition of the Deloitte Football Money League, Real Madrid has become the first club in the sports history in any field of sport to cross the 500-million euros revenue in a single year. The Spaniards posted a giant seven percent rise in their revenue and an overall figure around 512.6 million euros. The club has claimed the top spot in the Money League for a record equaling eight year, matching Manchester United’s reign from 1996-97 to 2003-04.

Manchester United has become more lucrative

Manchester United

According to a recent report of Forbes magazine, the Red Devils have become the first sports team in the world with $3 billion valuation. They have surpassed the past records of National Football League franchise Dallas Cowboys (estimated valuation worth $2.1 billion). Further the magazine adds, “Despite a drop in first quarter earnings because of a reduction in TV revenue, the appetite for shares of the club have increased due to better earnings, new deals with Japan’s Kansai and China Construction Bank, and the potential of much more impressive English Premier League and Champions League payouts this year.”

Olympic Stadium booked for West Ham United

New Stadium for West Ham United

London’s Olympic Stadium has been booked by West Ham United. They have now become the main tenants of London’s Olympic Stadium. The stadium has capacity of over 80,000 in East London, which hosted the athletics and the ceremonies at last year’s Olympics and Paralympics. The sources report that the stadium would be converted to a 54,000 seater venue till 2016-2017 football season. They will pay around 2 million pounds a year rent.

Real Madrid’s 45 Million Pound bid for Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero has been reportedly targeted for 45 Million Pound bid by Real Madrid at the end of the season. The Argentine who has been missing from City’s current action to top the EPL following the break – up of his marriage to Diego Maradona’s daughter Giannina has been targeted by Madrid’s president Florentino Perez to boost his chances of getting re-elected as the President.

People ‘waiting for Barca to fail’ – Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

The World Player of the Year Lionel Messi believes that many people are waiting for Barcelona to be eliminated out of the   Champions League next week when they face an uphill task against AC Milan trailing by 2-0 in their first leg.”There are a lot of people that are waiting out there for us to lose so that, like they did last season, they can say this is the end for this Barcelona.The test begun at San Siro Stadium and would end at Camp Nou” he was quoted as saying by ESPN Deportes. Barcelona’s performance would end their recent slump and get them back on  track to finish in style as champions. Lately Barcelona’s poor slump has not only been showcased in Europe but also as back-to-back defeats to Real Madrid have seen them eliminated from the Copa del Rey and their lead at the top of La Liga cut to 11 points.”This club is like this. When you lose two games it is a disaster, when you win two it is normal,” he added.“The people in the dressing room have known this club since they were very young and to talk about buying replacements is crazy. The majority of the players are still young.” But Lionel Messi is quite sure that his team is going to bounce back in the Champions League.