Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this interesting gadget

Yes, you read it right, now you can turn your iPad into a real foosball table! It is pretty cool to play foosball on your smartphone, but to play it on the iPad with a little foosball table, now that is a unique experience. People in New Potato Technologies are the one behind this interesting gadget which combines virtual applications and the real foosball table.

So, how does it work?

First things first, you have to meet some requirements before you can purchase this amazing foosball table, but don’t worry it is not complicated. The application which works on this stand is called the Classic Match Foosball, which is the name of the foosball table as well. You have to download the application to play on the table because this app is 100% compatible with the stand. Any other application might work, but not likely because the stand is made especially for this application. The application itself is FREE so I don’t see a problem with the download.

Now, let’s talk about the stand. There are two dimensions you can purchase because the first dimension is compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3. The second stand, a newer model, is compatible with the iPad 3, 4 and iPad Air and Air 2.

Two sizes of foosball tables for iPad

Both of the tables look pretty much the same, except some minor design changes which don’t affect the game. With this foosball table, you will get 4 legs, 1 stand for the iPad, 8 rods and 2 scoring systems (one in red and one in blue). The table assembly is extremely simple; all you need to do is to attach the legs on the stand and insert the rods into 8 holes, just below the place where you put the iPad and you are done. On the bottom part of the table is 1 USB port, which means that you can plug the table and charge your iPad while you play the match. Forget about the empty battery notification during the most interesting part of the game.

When you assemble the stand for the iPads and place them on the stand, your iPad will look like the mini foosball table. On both longer sides of the iPad are 4 rods used to control the players in the game. On both shorter sides of the iPads are scoring systems so you will have to move the bean when you score – just like on the real foosball table.

The Classic Match Foosball application

The foosball application is really good. I like the fact that the rods and the players in the app move the same second so you really have a feeling like you are on the real table. Rods are extra sensitive so they register every move you make, no matter how small it is. Unfortunately, the rods in the reality and the rods in the game aren’t in line, they are moved a little bit, but that is something you can get used to after 3-4 matches.

This gadget is one excellent product which will keep you entertained for hours and I think it can be the perfect gift for every fooser on the planet.

How much money is needed to create a good app?

If you’re considering making an app for your organization, it’s wise to determine early on how much the project will cost. Because the complexity involved in developing apps varies widely from project to project, the costs involved fluctuate widely as well.

Unfortunately, that means there is no single answer to a question like, “how much do mobile app development cost?” But by working through the considerations listed below, you can reach a clearer understanding of how expensive your project might be.

Who Is Developing the App?

The first question to consider—and the one that will determine much about your approach to the project—is who exactly will develop the app?

They are essentially two options here. In the first case, someone already working for you company could develop the app. (That person might even be you!) In this case, the total cost of the app development work is no higher than that person’s salary. If you have an experienced and capable developer on staff, and they have the time to take on a significant new project, then you might make your app without any new budget outlays.

On the other hand, you could hire a freelancer or dev shop to handle your project. This can be an expensive proposition; high quality developers often bill more than $100 per hour. That’s $4000 for a full 40-hour work week. But, given the value that many mobile apps deliver, this can certainly be money well spent.

How Complex Is the Project?

If you are outsourcing the work to a development company like OTS Solutions, how much you pay them will depend largely on the complexity of the project.

Many times, the mobile apps that clients ask for are relatively simple. If you don’t need much graphic design, and your app doesn’t include lots of interactivity, it might only take a few weeks to make.

On the other hand, apps that require lots of design work, and include many interactive elements (like games, forms, purchases, etc.) can require hundreds of hours of work. And on top of design and development, complex projects also require more project management and QA work.

It’s very common for complex apps to cost tens of thousands of dollars. But again, if you are developing apps that have high value for your organization, that price could be a fantastic investment.

Controlling Costs

No matter the size of your budget, you’ll want to do everything possible to minimize the final cost. And there are a number of effective approaches to limiting the cost of software development, without sacrificing features or quality. Below are some of the most important ones to consider.

DIY Project Management

Even if your organization doesn’t have developers in house, it’s likely that you do have employees with project management expertise. Leveraging their time can be an effective way of limiting the price you pay outside freelancers. Tight project management will keep the work on pace, and reduce the time developers have to waste figuring out exactly what is expected of them.

Create a Clear Project Plan

On a similar note, creating a definitive, comprehensive project plan before hiring freelancers will not only save you headaches and heartbreak, it can also save you thousands of dollars.

For those without experience making applications, it’s normal to assume that most of the work consists of actual coding time. But in fact, things like requirements analysis and drafting design specs can be equally challenging, and eat up a huge portion of your budget. If you do your homework first and keep that work in house, you can easily save 25% or more on your outsourcing costs.

Limit Feedback and Revisions

Once you start to receive design mocks and prototypes, you will undoubtedly have ideas on how they could improve, and your project plan should account for revision time. However, you should be mindful revisions to a features (particularly once coding has started) can double or triple the time involved, and multiply your costs accordingly.

So when offering feedback, be sure to ask yourself how important your requests really are. If they are “nice to have” but not essential, consider holding your tongue and saving yourself some serious money.

Take an Iterative Approach

Lastly, many clients begin software projects with bloated lists of requirements that include numerous features their users don’t really need. This is a recipe for frustration, and perhaps more importantly, a surefire way to waste money.

Rather than attempting to build you dream application right out of the gates, consider aiming for an MVP—minimum viable product—instead. Ask yourself which one or two features are absolutely critical for the initial success of your project, and see if you can scale back your plans to just those items.

If you do decide to build an MVP, it can be especially helpful to work with a dev shop like OTS Solutions. Experienced developers have a sharp eye for “scope creep,” and their input will help you determine which features you really need, and which can wait until after your app becomes a hit.

The Bottom Line

As is often the case, you get what you pay for when it comes to mobile app development, and quality isn’t cheap. Whether you pay hourly or flat price your project, you should expect an effective hourly rate of $100, if not more. If that seems steep at first, don’t worry. There are many ways to control your total costs, and a well-made app will pay for itself over time.

The 10 Best Apps for Business Students

Business Administration and Management is still the most popular degree in America. Technology has never been more prominent in the educational scene as it is now, with iPads and laptops replacing textbooks and pencils. Here is a list of the best apps for business school students.


Considered one of the best productivity apps for business students Any.do is a sleek, easy-to use interface that comes with muliple functionalities. Firstly, it allows you to organize your day using the in app to-do list. Secondly, it sends you reminders and notes in order to schedule meetings and events. The best feature of this app is its cross platform ability that lets you switch between phone, tablet, and laptop without any hassle.


Business majors can expect to take tons of notes throughout their college careers. SimpleNote allows users to either type notes onto their mobile devices, or use a stylus. The notes are then saved and synced into all of the users devices making them easily accessible anywhere, anytime.


This app comes with 25 built-in search engines as well as the capability to take notes; this is the perfect app to assist students writing papers on the go. An annotation feature allows users to highlight important text as well as organize multiple articles at once.


This ultra handy app allows students to scan any document containing text, and then converts it into an editable document. TextGrabber is excellent for capturing sections of textbooks that would be too long to write up yourself. You can also take snippets of paragraphs from books or newspapers to save and read later.

iTunes U

This is a dedicated part of the Apple iTunes Store that features both audio and video from universities, museums, and other public media organizations – all for free. iTunes U works the same way as their musical counterparts. Users are able to manipulate educational content just as they would music through the iTunes Music Store. Some of the participating institutions include Stanford, UC Berkley, Yale, MIT, and a handful of other top notch Universities.


Dropbox is a file-sharing app that gives you more storage than traditional file-sharing techniques. Dropbox is a cross platform app allowing users to share their files with anyone across multiple devices. One of the best features is that Dropbox automatically saves your work as you edit it. You can share your files without the use of emails or a flash drive.


This is a great tool for working through business plans that you want to succeed. This business app helps you map out and organize your ideas and then share them with others. The best feature is that it guides you throughout the process of creating a business model, ensuring you address all key aspects. While this app is a bit pricey it is great for students pursuing entrepreneurship.

Roambi Analytics

This is a lifesaving app for those of you who struggle with presenting business data in a meaningful and accurate way. Roambi Analytics allows you to input important numbers to your mobile device while it makes charts and visuals in order for you to easily outline your findings. This app is used by a number of Fortune 500 companies around the world making it one of the leading apps for the field of business. The best part is that Roambi Analytics can be used offline.

The Decision App

If you’re a business student who has difficulty making vital decisions, The Decision App is here to help. Analyzing situations can be hard, so this app can help work out the best possible strategy using strategic business models as templates and examples. This app allows you to create mind maps, presentations, and the ability for users to analyze data on the move. It’s also a way better alternative to guessing – or flipping a coin.

Audio Memos

This app is perfect for recording lectures, seminars, workshops and meetings, all with a single tap of the screen. The app provides users with very high-quality recordings that allows you to normalize volume and bookmark certain moments of your recordings that you deem important. The easy cross-platform syncing in iCloud lets users gain access who are using both iOS and Android devices.

5 Tips for Smart Mobile Money Transactions

It used to be that you had to have cash in your pockets. Then we all got swift and started paying for everything with credit cards. Now, we’re on to a new shift. It’s all about mobile money transactions. If you haven’t had any experience with PayPal, Apple Pay, or any of the other ways to transfer cash with your mobile device, it’s time to get with the times.

To give you a quick crash course on what it means to use mobile money, pay attention to the following five tips – be sure to understand mobile payments in general, follow directions when setting your mobile accounts up, use your resources to protect your mobile accounts, keep your mobile device safe, and start using mobile payments as part of your daily routine.

Understanding Mobile Payments in General

Find a site and read explanations about mobile payments in general first. This will give you the overview that you need before diving into details of each aspect. Depending on your age and your industry, you may have to really shift how some of your thinking about finances goes before you’re entirely comfortable with this new system.

Setting Your Mobile Accounts Up

Some of the major places you’ll need to set your mobile accounts up include registering with PayPal, registering some personal information with your bank, getting your Apple account and password and credit card information together, and even potentially doing things like looking into Bitcoin, which is definitely a fascinating aspects of the new economy that may be surfacing shortly.

Protecting Your Mobile Accounts

The best thing to do to protect your mobile financial accounts is to create very high security passwords and use a password keeping application. LastPass is a good example. By having different passwords for each site, you’ll be keeping hackers away from you accounts, and by using a password keeper, you won’t have to remember all of the variations on your own.

Keeping Your Mobile Device Safe!

Now that you’ve got your accounts set up and your passwords set, it’s still super important you don’t lose your mobile devices or get them stolen either! Because much of that information is on autopilot if you don’t change your settings, if someone gets a hold of your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Android tablet, or whatever, you could be in a world of hurt quickly. Keep those devices secure and in sight!

Making Mobile Payments Part of Your Routine

It takes a little while to get used to the idea of paying without cash and without credit cards. You may feel a little awkward the first time you pay bills on your phone, or you split a tip with an app. But the more you turn it into a routine, the quicker you’ll understand and appreciate its efficiency.

Smart ways to grab the latest technologies without spending much

You have your smart phone in your pocket, forget calculator, you have smart phone in your hand, ignore digital camera, you have your smart phone on your table, do not drag the digital photo album, you just bought the latest smart phone, you forget mp3 player. Everything you need to lead your life, you always have them within this small gadget. This smart phone has literally changed the way we used to encounter the happenings around us. We can say that a full featured smart phone is the miniature replica of computer and we can never deny the reality of digital age because it has already changed the world. Every new invention comes with new possibilities and lets us dream for a new world. We are enjoying those services at so easy access that our ancestors could not even think. We can never have the concept about what the future is holding to deliver. It is beyond realization.

Ongoing inventions of hardware and programs are continuously appearing to provide new prospect to our work. It is the fact that computer has opened the new door for the young entrepreneurship and laid the touchstone of various definitions for earning. We cannot even think our life without a piece of smart gadget or computer containing the wished programs to shape our outlook. Computer is the greatest gift from the advanced technology we can ever have. What we dream today, technology brings it to us tomorrow and even sometimes renders more than we can imagine.

We all need a personal computer or laptop to simplify our profession. We need to own every possible latest gadget to soothe our everyday life. However, owning the smart gadget at any cost is not the dimension of being a smart person. How can we drain our hard-earned money without talking to our brain! Every latest invention comes with the huge possibilities of saving money extending various options. Yes, the modern age computer networking services let us shop from our home and these e-commerce stores allow us to spend our money smartly.

If you are aiming to purchase a laptop, smart phone or any other gadget through online shopping, you should browse parallel ways to search for suitable options to get discount on that gadget. Have you heard the name of Frugaa.com before? If not then you are really skipping an elegant way of saving money. You should come to this arena to discover the latest technology, computers, laptops and other gadgets from the popular brands like, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Sony etc. This exciting website is designed to array hundreds of exclusive offers gathered from many renowned online stores and brands such as, Lenovo, HP, Newark, wwstereo, Tigerdirect etc. There are miscellaneous alternatives in Frugaa.com empowering you to save in average $49 while you shop from those listed stores. The most exciting part is that you can also participate in Frugaa Rewards program to enjoy additional savings.

If you are still in the state of disbelief or simply accepting it as advertising gimmick then you should go through the following examples:

  • Save $159 on LaserJet Pro
  • Enjoy up to 58% discount while shopping from Tigerdirect.com
  • Save $135 and free shipping on select Lenovo products
  • Save 13% on Lenovo Yoga 3 pro

How You Can Use Technology to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Fortunately for those of us hoping to lose fat, gain muscle, improve endurance, or achieve any other fitness-related goal, the days of training like Rocky are over. You no longer have to chase chickens or depend on zero-support Chucks for your runs.

Technology has made training and tracking your goals easier than ever. But are you taking advantage of everything you can? You don’t have to spend an entire paycheck to put technology to work for you and your fitness goals.

Consider this: Something as simple as a USB pen can capture your before, during, and after photos to give you instant access to your progress. Even when you’re weighing yourself, measuring body parts and getting your body fat checked, it’s tough to see improvements day after day.

Much as you might hate this approach, take a bathing-suit-before photo and keep it handy (on a USB but also backed up in case of theft). Take another photo each week in the same outfit and position. You’ll be glad you did soon enough.

Tech it out

One of the best devices for fitness-minded folks is a smartwatch that tracks calories burned, goals, distance, elevation, and/or GPS. The price for these devices can vary greatly; don’t overspend if you don’t need to.

You probably don’t need all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line gadget (or maybe you do). Be realistic about what you need.

Another strategy is to use your smartphone or iPod for fitness tracking. Download the right apps to give you everything you’d want from a smartwatch.

Plus, if you “can’t” work out without your music or having your phone at the ready, there’s no reason to have to carry extra devices. Check out what your existing technology can offer before springing for something brand-new.


Like it or not, the scale is one of the simplest ways to see your progress. Whether you’re looking to lose fat or gain muscle, checking your weight once a week (at the same time) can be a big indicator.

It’s not perfect, but if you opt for a high-tech model with a body-fat calculator, you can get an idea of your progress. Make sure you use other methods for progress checks, as well, though.

Once you really get into the swing of things, it’s worth considering a heart rate monitor. Prices vary but can be as low as $50).

Staying in the right zones is crucial to achieving your fitness goals, and you might be pushing yourself too hard (or not hard enough). Either way, why get in your own way?

4 Ways That Fitness Apps Can Change Your Life

Health and fitness apps have taken the world (or at least our mobile phones) by storm. They’re helping us track metrics we knew nothing about less than a decade ago.

Now we can all be experts on our exercise and healthy eating habits. Take a look at the following four ways that mobile apps and wearable fitness accessories are transforming our lives for the better.

1. More cardio

Were you tempted to skip your daily run today? Or perhaps you normally walk to work, but now you’re thinking about taking the bus.

Well, the pedometer on your phone says you’re still 3,000 steps short of completing your goal. Apps such as Nike Plus or Fitbit can make us accountable to ourselves.

So what are you going to do about your step goal? Increased distance, speed, calorie, and step count awareness is driving us to pursue higher goals when it comes to cardio exercise.

If you haven’t reached your caloric deficit for the day, then you’re more likely to hit the treadmill or go on a bike ride.

2. Measurable gains

How do you increase your strength if you haven’t been measuring your reps and the amount of weight you’re moving? Lifting apps such as Pumping Weight can help you record your progress, so you don’t neglect muscle groups or progress backward and away from improvements.

3. Healthier eating

How many calories do you actually consume during a typical night at the bar? You might not want to know. Mobile apps like MyFitnessPal and Lose It! make it ridiculously easy to add up the caloric value of our food.

Now you can strive for daily caloric intake goals, which can help you lose weight faster. These apps also show the nutritional content of each serving, so you can target foods with more protein or Vitamin C.

4. Competition

After using mobile health and fitness apps for a while, you might get curious about what your friends are up to. You might want to find out how much weight they’ve been losing or how many steps they’ve taken in a day.

Why would you want to know? So you can beat them and take first place! The social networking aspect of health and fitness apps allows us to connect with our friends and participate in friendly competitions.

So what are you waiting for? Change your life with some of these health and fitness apps. If you need to start training on a budget, consider purchasing a refurbished iPhone to get started on your new fitness and eating plans.

Pair your devices up with heart-rate monitors and other fitness accessories, and you’ll be shedding pounds in no time!

Facebook’s Latest Mobile App Update

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Facebook is staying on top of mobile readiness, especially since more Americans are using mobile devices to stay connected than desktop devices in 2014. The company recently announced that mobile app ads will include Facebook page links as well as sharing other features as of August 6, 2014.

It basically aligns the ads with how they’ll appear on Facebook’s desktop display, including comments, and share and link features.

You’ll find a link to the Facebook page of the advertiser along with those of your friends who have already “liked.” If you don’t use Facebook’s mobile app now, you might be surprised to learn that none of these features currently exists in the mobile version.

When the company was first building the app, Facebook (like everyone else) was probably not aware of just how swiftly mobile use would overtake desktop. Now that it’s happened, everyone’s having to play catch-up.

Changes for advertisers

Businesses that advertise on Facebook will be forced to create content for their ads starting on July 2, 2014. If you’re a small business or startup who’s considering going on Facebook, forget about what you think you know with regard to campaign management.

Old formats are going to be switched immediately to the new one starting on August 6, although you can get a head start in July. It’s worth your time to check out the new requirements and get acquainted with the new design.

What does this mean for businesses who are scrambling to keep up with best practices of digital marketing? Targeting mobile users, not just users, is no longer optional but a requirement in order to stay competitive.

With Facebook, you’ll be able to generate more buzz by piggybacking ad efforts onto your Facebook page. It taps into the viral capabilities of the online social context, from sharing to more information that can help you reach more consumers.

Mobile and Facebook

Facebook was really designed for a mobile world, and already mobile users make up 59 percent of the social media giant’s revenue. That’s a hike of 30 percent since 2013, and there’s no sign that it’s going to slow down.

According to Facebook’s official statements, mobile revenue has raised ad income by 72 percent in the past year.

Now Facebook boasts a total of $2.5 billion in ad revenue alone, just from just the first quarter of 2014. There’s plenty of incentive for Facebook to streamline and improve its mobile ad campaign format, which means both consumers and businesses will be strong-armed along for the ride.

A Smart Finance App Is A Must-Have Today

Personal finance apps can be very useful in daily money management. By using finance apps, you can remain updated on the latest business news. These days we do not need to go to banks, stand in long queues or take the trouble of writing checks. With the finance apps, it has become easier to manage finances with smartphones.  These apps help you to manage money better and understand your spending habits. Most of the apps are free and can be used from Apple and Android devices. The apps help you to get a broader view of your finances.  The app tracks all your activities and balances.

Spend judiciously

Some apps are designed to warn you if you exceed your budget. Sometimes they warn you when your expenses exceed your budget. You can manage your finances with the following apps:

  • With an app like Square, you can easily accept credit card payments.
  • With Mint, you can attain your finance goals easily. It helps you to calculate your debt and can remind you of the money that you owe to the creditors. By using this app, you can design your finance plan efficiently.
  • If you need to transfer money to your friends, you can make use of Venomo.
  • PayPal is very popular for the online payment services which it offers. You can convert currencies in PayPal for a fee.

Monitor expenses

It is important that you select an app that suits your needs. Discussing few important apps can help you to make the right choice.

  • Mintquickview helps you to keep track of all your transactions and the expenses which you make in each individual category of your budget. You can ascertain where you have spent throughout the week.
  • To monitor daily transactions you can make use of Dailycost. It can update you on your expenses with graphs and charts. It also calculates weekly and monthly expenditures
  • To get alerts when your payments are due you can make use of Check. This encrypted app is the perfect choice if you do not want to miss your payments.

Important features

To scrutinize your expenses you can download finance apps or access them from Android devices.  It is a common mistake to spend more than we can afford. You can track your expenses well with these specially designed apps. Most of the apps come with budget tracker tools which help you to keep track of your weekly and monthly expenses. As the budgets are divided under several heads, it is easy for you to monitor your expenditure.

Improve spending habits

You can select an app that you can customize according to your needs. You can make changes in the budget section and change expenses easily. If you have a pre-designed budget and get updates on your expenses, it helps you to gain a greater control over your spending. If you are involved in a personal injury case and are in need of cash to meet medical expenses, you can opt for lawsuit loans. You can keep track of lawsuit cash advances on apps that help you to manage your finances.

At times, a finance app can connect a budget tracker to online payment centers. This can help you to monitor online payments. The finance apps are ideal for busy individuals who do not find time to check expenses manually. You can create a realistic budget and curtail your spendthrift ways. After making comparisons of weekly and monthly expenditures, you will be able to gauge where you stand. You can draw up saving plans with the finance apps to attain financial goals and secure the future.

Author Bio: Mark has obtained lawsuit cash advances from his lawyer. This amount has helped him to meet medical expenses and bills smoothly. He keeps track of his debt with a popular finance app.

Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad

Constantly redefining what people can do with a mobile device, iOS is the world’s most advanced operating system. Developed and distributed by the Apple Inc, iOS is the foundation of iPhones and iPad as it contains all the apps that make the Apple products fun and enjoyable. The iOS 7 is the latest and more capable version of iOS apps which was designed and launched in the autumn of 2013 by Professor Paul Hegarty of Stanford University with the desire to make the iOS apps simpler and more addictive. However, for developing iOS 7 apps for iPhone and iPad, the following steps are to be undertaken.

  • Acquiring the correct tools:  You will require the Xcode, which is Apple’s integrated development environment for developing iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad. The Xcode contains all the necessary tools and compilers that you may need for the successful development of apps and the best part is that it can be downloaded for free. It can be downloaded in a Mac computer. However, the Xcode uses Objective- C. Therefore, in case one has problems in understanding the C based language, Corona is their alternative. Corona uses LUA Language, which is very similar to BASIC and hence is much more user friendly.
  • Being an expert in the C based Languages:  Although Corona is an alternative, it is advisable that you master the C based languages like C++ or JAVA. For this you will require a book on the iPhone and iPad app development. There are several such books available in the market. However, while purchasing it compare and contrast its prices and also check authorship.
  • Constantly re defining the existing apps:  The best way to make the iOS 7 apps is to constantly change it in accordance to the taste and desires of the users. The most convenient way to do so is to download all the similar kinds of apps, judge them and find out their drawbacks and finally make the necessary changes.
  • Importance of the Apple developer program: Once you are an expert in programming apps, it is important that you join the Apple developer program to submit your work to the Apple App Store. It costs around $99 per year. However, you can join both as an individual (for which a simple DBA is sufficient) and as a company (for which you will need a business License).
  • The “Hello World” app: It is advisable that instead of straightaway indulging yourself in the development of iOs 7 for your iPhone and iPad you create a standard “Hello world” application. For this you will have to obtain a developer’s certificate as well as set up a provisioning profile on your device and then get started with developing apps.

Having discussed the necessary steps that should be undertaken to develop iOS 7 apps for iPhone and iPad, it is important to note that iOS7 has several new features when compared to iOS 6. The most notable ones are the improved user interface, simplified look and superior application functionality. Hence it is a great platform for building new apps that requires some amount of knowledge on object-oriented design, graphics, databases, multithreading, networking, and animation.  There are several online courses on how to develop apps in iOS 7 which can be taken by individuals for better results.

Bio: Jack is a free lancer writer of http://website-creation-services-review.toptenreviews.com/

Keep Your Kid Protected by Using Mobile Phone Spy App

As more and more kids have begun using cell phones, mothers and fathers are getting involved about their protection. According to a study the common age of kids to get a mobile cellphone is between 12 and 13. Youngsters are naïve at this level and cannot make right choices on their own and they need assistance. Providing cell mobile phones at this level creates them susceptible to several on the internet risks. To keep them secure mother and father must take some prevention actions and should observe their mobile cellphone utilization, which can be done by using Mobile Phone Spy  application like Snoopra.

mobile phone spy app

Precautionary Measures

Here are a few prevention actions that you can take to keep your kids secured from on the internet risks of over-the-net violence. You must inform your kids about what is cyber-bullying and how it can affect someone’s life. Another factor that you must inform your kids is the way to deal with such circumstances. Effective contribution with kids is necessary to prevent such circumstances.  Here are a few guidelines that you can discuss with your child:

  • Signing off the PC after use at a community place
  • If your kids ever gets a hateful or mean concept ask him or her to prevent that person
  • Ask your kids not to react to such information and do not eliminate as it can provide as proof

Monitoring Your Kid’s Cell Phone Usage

Monitoring your child’s mobile phone utilization is also an essential factor to do to keep him or her secured. This can be done by using a Mobile Phone Spy app like Snoopra which performs in qualifications method and does not let anybody know about its performing. This app performs slightly and without disturbing any other functions of the cellphone. Snoopra is suitable with Android operating system mobile phones, BlackBerries and iPhones.

You might be thinking what can be supervised with this app. Here is a record of actions that you can observe with Snoopra:

  • Track GPS Location: You can monitor your child’s place as well as set signals if they get into limited places
  • Text Messages: Snoopra will allow you child’s sms information
  • View Immediate Messages Chats: View instant information conversations from all significant solutions like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, BBM, Gtalk and iMessage
  • View Phonebook: You can perspective all the connections saved in your child’s phone directory
  • View Contact Logs: You can perspective call records of your kids by using this app
  • Monitore Internet Usage: You can perspective internet browser record and favorites
  • View Images Taken: You perspective all the photos that your kids requires using a mobile cell phone’s digicam

So keep your kids secure by using a Mobile Phone Spy  app like Snoopra.

The top apps to survive the end of the world

The Mayan deadline might have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that the end of the world cant still happen. At the rate that our Earth is going, what with all the pollution, the climate change and the rapid degradation of natural resources, we are probably still heading for the apocalypse.

We don’t really know how life will come to an eternal end, do we? It could be due to a celestial body crashing into our planet, or devastating floods and so on. TV and disaster movies have given us ample ways to die, and to survive the apocalypse.

Do you believe in always being prepared? Have you already bought your underground shelter from Rising S Bunkers? If so, then good for you. Here are some more ways to survive. In our digital world, everything seems to be running on apps. So, how about some apps which will guide you in the anarchical post apocalyptic world?

1.     A flashlight

Let’s start with the basics shall we? After the world ends, you will need some light to make your way through all the debris and destruction. Go for the simplest one, called Flashlight by Rik. You can choose between a single beam of light and strobe flashes too.

2.     Knots

Just know that once things get all apocalyptic, you will need to tie stuff together. Kind of anti-climactic, isn’t it? From tying supplies, building boats, or hungry zombies, you will need to know how to tie ropes. Use the Knot Guide app which will teach you over 100 knots like monkey’s fists and a sheepshank.

3.     Compass

A very obvious addition, this one is for finding your way around. Use the Commander Compass. It uses your GPS, maps, inclinometer, speedometer and the gyrocompass.

4.     Identify food

You will have to survive on plants once the supplies from your bunker shelter runs out. Use the Wild Edibles app to tell you how to find food supplies in the world. No, this doesn’t include your fellow survivors as food. It gives you information for over 150 edible plants, along with their poisonous doppelgangers.

5.     First aid

You wont be able to rely on hospitals for the cuts and the injuries anymore. Because chances are, they will all be destroyed. You will have a lot of hurt people around. Use the app by GotoAID which gives instructions for people with no experience in first aid. It gives you directions for dealing with emergencies like cardiac arrest. It comes with audio too.

6.     Outdoors living

You will have to learn how to survive outdoors. This means knowing some basic tasks like building a shelter, lighting a fire and so on. use the Army Survival App for this. This app even comes with special instructions on how to survive in particular ecosystems like deserts, mountains, tropical weather, etc.

7.     Police scanners

If law enforcing agencies still function after the world ends, then you will need to have contact with them. The Emergency radio app is for connecting to emergency signals like police, air, fire, etc. This app can relate the broadcasts in the background.

8.     Radio

No, this isn’t for listening to Drake while you look around for survivors and edible food. This app will let you pick up the signals from any local radio stations, if they still exist. You can pick up emergency announcements and bulletins which are being broadcast.

So, if the end of the world comes knocking on your door, at least you will have the consolation of knowing that you were prepared.

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