Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this interesting gadget

Yes, you read it right, now you can turn your iPad into a real foosball table! It is pretty cool to play foosball on your smartphone, but to play it on the iPad with a little foosball table, now that is a unique experience. People in New Potato Technologies are the one behind this interesting gadget which combines virtual applications and the real foosball table.

So, how does it work?

First things first, you have to meet some requirements before you can purchase this amazing foosball table, but don’t worry it is not complicated. The application which works on this stand is called the Classic Match Foosball, which is the name of the foosball table as well. You have to download the application to play on the table because this app is 100% compatible with the stand. Any other application might work, but not likely because the stand is made especially for this application. The application itself is FREE so I don’t see a problem with the download.

Now, let’s talk about the stand. There are two dimensions you can purchase because the first dimension is compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3. The second stand, a newer model, is compatible with the iPad 3, 4 and iPad Air and Air 2.

Two sizes of foosball tables for iPad

Both of the tables look pretty much the same, except some minor design changes which don’t affect the game. With this foosball table, you will get 4 legs, 1 stand for the iPad, 8 rods and 2 scoring systems (one in red and one in blue). The table assembly is extremely simple; all you need to do is to attach the legs on the stand and insert the rods into 8 holes, just below the place where you put the iPad and you are done. On the bottom part of the table is 1 USB port, which means that you can plug the table and charge your iPad while you play the match. Forget about the empty battery notification during the most interesting part of the game.

When you assemble the stand for the iPads and place them on the stand, your iPad will look like the mini foosball table. On both longer sides of the iPad are 4 rods used to control the players in the game. On both shorter sides of the iPads are scoring systems so you will have to move the bean when you score – just like on the real foosball table.

The Classic Match Foosball application

The foosball application is really good. I like the fact that the rods and the players in the app move the same second so you really have a feeling like you are on the real table. Rods are extra sensitive so they register every move you make, no matter how small it is. Unfortunately, the rods in the reality and the rods in the game aren’t in line, they are moved a little bit, but that is something you can get used to after 3-4 matches.

This gadget is one excellent product which will keep you entertained for hours and I think it can be the perfect gift for every fooser on the planet.

How To: Import photos from your camera to your computer with Windows 10

As much peaceful and fulfilling photography is, the hassles of transferring files take a toll on everyone. But it is as much necessary and important. Ever since Windows 10 has been launched, it has been extremely easy to transfer photos and videos from your camera to your computer. There are convenient options and you can even sort your photo sessions under various folders naming them as per the specific event. The procedure is easy and chronological.

To transfer photos and videos from your camera into your computer, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Connect your camera and the computer

Almost all the DSLR manufacturers provide you with two sets of cables. One cable connects your camera to the TV for easy viewing and the other cable connects with the computer. Use the latter one to connect your camera and computer. The cable has two ends. The larger end is for the USB ports and needs to be plugged into the computer. The smaller end needs to be plugged into the camera.

  1. Open File Explorer and let it recognize your camera

If your camera is switched off, turn it on. Open file explorer on your computer and wait for it to recognize your camera. You can find file explorer on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen. Click the ‘This PC’ icon from program’s left edge. File Explorer provides you a list of all the external devices that have been currently connected to your computer.

Assure that you have set your camera to the display mode before connecting. This mode lets you see photos on the camera’s display. As soon as File Explorer recognizes your camera, it will appear as a distinctive icon in ‘This PC’ section. If there is a problem while connecting your camera, unplug the cable from your computer and then plug it back.

  1. Right-click on the camera icon and click on ‘How to import your photos’

As soon as you right-click on the camera icon, a pop-up menu will appear. Click on ‘How to import you photos’. An ‘Import Pictures and Videos’ window will appear. There will be further two options on the window to copy your camera file to the computer:

Option1- Review, Organize, And Group Items To Import:

This option is to be used when you want to sort your photos from several sessions. This option lets you sort the photos into groups; copying each group to a different folder. The process takes time but is convenient if you want proper classification of the photos.

Option 2- Import All New Items Now

If you want to copy all the photos from one session into one single folder, use this option. It will copy all your photos into one single folder.

If you want additional features while importing your photos, you can click on More Options. It lets you change the destination folder of your photos on the computer. It also asks you whether you want to delete the photos from your camera after importing them.

  1. If you have selected the ‘Import All Items Now’ option, type a description in Add Tags box and click Next

As soon as the ‘Add Tags’ option appears, type a short description and click next. For example, if the photos are from a friend’s wedding, you can type the words “[Friend’s name] wedding”. Windows will copy all the photos to this folder. Windows also names all the photos as “[Friend’s name] wedding 001”, “[Friend’s name] wedding 002”, “[Friend’s name] wedding 003” and so on. This will let you search the photos easily the next time you want to view them.

  1. If you have selected the Review, Organize, And Group Items To Import, click the Next button

As soon as you click the next button, Windows recognizes the time and date of the photos. It separates the photos into groups for your approval. You can now review and modify the groups before importing the pictures.

  1. If you want to keep related photos in the same place, adjust the time grouping

If you do not approve of Windows groups, then you can change them by sliding the Adjust Groups bar to the left or right. Slide to the left for smaller groups that are sorted by every half-hour you clicked a photo. Keep sliding to the right for fewer groups. If you slide to the farthest right, Windows will place everything into a single folder.

If you do not remember what is in a group of photos, then select the ‘View All Items’ option. You will find this option on the left of each group. You can now see all the photos and sort them according to your needs.

  1. Approve the selected groups, name the folders accordingly and add descriptive tags, if needed, the click the import button

You can name each group for your convenience. Select the words ‘Enter a Name’ and type the title. This title will be your folder’s name for further use. You can also add tags for better searching in the future. Go to ‘Add Tags’ and type a short description. While you type, separate each word with a semi-colon. This will let you search them easily from the Windows Search program. After you have named the groups and added the tags, click the Import button.

If you want to free the space in your camera, then select the ‘Erase after Importing’ check box that appears once the computer is done grabbing the photos from the camera. This will delete the photos from your camera. The process saves you from deleting them from your camera through those awkward menus.

It is advisable to use this option as it will free space on your camera and will leave additional room for new photos.

Once the process is complete, disconnect the camera from your computer. Remember to safely eject the cable rather than directly removing it out. Windows will now display all your folders containing new pictures.

Sumona is a technical blogger and writer. She has over 2-year experience in Photo Recovery technology. On her free time, she writes about technical tips and tutorials. Know more about Photo Recovery by clicking here:http://www.stellarinfo.com/digital-media-recovery.php

How To: Optimize Your Drug Rehab Facility for Apple Watch

With the brand new Apple Watch set to release at the end of April, more and more mobile users will find themselves relying more than ever on Apple’s voice command function, Siri. Searching on the go is going to be easier than ever for the average user.

Siri focuses heavily on local searches – so if you’re a drug rehab facility that primarily serves your local community, it’s important to make sure you’re indexed in every way possible for users to find you. When it comes to developing a comprehensive SEO strategy, many companies neglect to optimize for search engines other than Google. But if you want to stand a chance against your competitors, you’ll need to keep Siri in mind. Read on for some tips to incorporate Siri and other local search functions into your digital marketing strategy.

Create Multiple Profiles

There are countless sites with profiles of local businesses listed, such as Localeze, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, TomTom, Yelp, and Google+ Local. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps are constantly pulling data from these platforms, so it’s important not only to create a profile on each one but also to ensure these profiles are detailed and complete.

Every Apple Watch will be pre-loaded with Apple Maps, so check your business listing there. If your drug rehab facility is unlisted or is incorrectly listed, send a report to Apple to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

It’s equally important to optimize for Google, because many iOS users still prefer Google Maps. Set your facility up with Google My Business to make sure your Google+ profile is listed on both Maps and Search.

Optimize for Siri

There are a few different ways to optimize for Siri, including but certainly not limited to:

·      Creating a formal review program for clients and their families to report feedback. Both consumers and search engines gravitate toward reviews. They want to know that your facility places individual focus on each resident and that your staff treats every patient with respect. Reviews speak for themselves about quality of care – and Siri also readily indexes them. Encourage happy clients to leave reviews.

·      Optimizing for long-tail keywords. Siri users search with natural speech, which means their queries are longer and more specific. Build out keywords for voice searches and phrases to compensate for different ways people talk.

·      Using schema tags to add value to local searches. These tags help search engines – and, in turn, Siri – to understand web content because they make it easier to index. Schema tags list information like address, phone number, rankings, and operating hours of businesses.

Optimizing for Local Searches

Pricing for drug rehab SEO depends on the extent of your reach. Some local indexes are harder to break into than others, which also figures into how much it costs to optimize your SEO. Either way, the cost is well worth it – especially when it comes to optimizing for so many different search venues.

Data recovery from memory card made possible through EaseUS data recovery software

A memory card is put to use in different ways and in different devices. This solid state flash memory card is an electronic device and can be used in mobile phones, digital camera, computer, consoles used in video games, music player, etc. You can keep on recording things on that without any problem. You can store images as well as documents in this memory card. If you are planning to buy any laptop or mobile devices, then you will see that the specification there states that it has space for SD card too.

They have in-built slots for SD card and it is quite useful storage device. It comes with handy features that depend on how it is used and where it can be put to use. If you are facing problem with the storage space and you are thinking of extending it, then you can do so by adding the SD card to your mobile device and enjoy a huge selection of ringtones or apps or music.

In this way when one memory card of yours gets exhausted like it has reached its ultimate limit, then you can swap it with a brand new one where you will be able to store new things. This way you won’t have to keep on deleting files and making space for new ones. But, in case you don’t have the option of getting a new one for yourself, then you have to use the one you have and in case accidentally you end up deleting the wrong files, then it will be a huge problem for you.

You can excuse yourself from the stress if you have the EaseUS memory card data recovery software handy with you. Moreover, if you get the software for free of cost, then nothing can get better than that. EaseUS has just the right option for you as it has free software with the help of which you can easily recover lost data from the memory card in three easy steps.

Step1.Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select the file types you want to recover.


Step 2. Select the memory card where you lost your data and click “Scan” button


Step 3. After scan, you can preview all the listed recoverable files one by one and select out those you want. Then, click “Recover” button to get them back once. 


Recovering data from formatted SD card

You thought you have copy all the important information from the SD card and before you start rewriting the SD card, you thought of formatting it. But, guess what, at the end you found that you don’t have any backup of the SD card, so now you are in a fix because you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; you have a handy recovery formatted SD card wizard right in front of you in the form of EaseUS.

It will help you get back whatever you have lost and that too absolutely free of cost. The best part is that you can complete this task even if you do not have much of a technical knowledge. The steps involved in this are quite easy and once everything is sorted out the preview option will help you decide which files to restore and which files are best left behind.

6 Tips to Promote Your eCommerce Site in 2015

Building a successful eCommerce store in 2015 requires more than a simple virtual shop with high-quality products and services. Having a knack for marketing your eCommerce store is imperative whether you are new to the online world or simply looking to stand out among competitors in your niche. Knowing how to promote your eCommerce site in 2015 is not only a way to stay ahead financially but it can also provide you the path to the next level of success business-wise.

Use a Popular CMS

Using a popular CMS, or content management system is a way to ensure your website is optimized for search engines immediately upon publishing new information and content to the blog or site itself. Some of the most popular CMS today include WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, which are all free to use for individuals and online business owners. Integrating eCommerce with a CMS is one of the quickest methods of getting your eCommerce site up and running properly within hours.

Implement Social Media

Implementing social media is one of the most effective methods of making a name for yourself in eCommerce in 2015. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are all ideal platforms to share graphics, infographics and other information related to the products and services you have to offer. In addition to helping to increase visibility online, social media is also ideal to help in building page ranking. The higher your page is ranked within well-known search engines, the easier it becomes to generate organic search engine traffic from others online.

Integrating SEO Properly

Integrating SEO properly is a major factor in properly running a successful eCommerce store online in 2015. Ensuring your website is fully optimized for search engines in addition to mobile phones and apps is a way to reach thousands of users simultaneously with less effort.

Update Consistently

Updating consistently with new products and services also helps to appeal to those who are genuinely interested in your product or brand. Taking the time to update your consumers and online followers is also a way to maintain relevance in the online and social community world.

Avoid Spamming Your Consumers

Always avoid spamming your consumers and online followers with an excess of links of over-sharing the same products and services. Keep a new and refreshing message each time you post and update to keep those who are following you interested in what you have to say and share.

Link-Building is Still Key

Another way to promote your eCommerce store online is to become affiliates with other bloggers and webmasters through the process of link-building. Link-building not only increases your page rank within Google and other search engines, but also improves your overall ranking within search engine results.

Spending the time properly formulating marketing and online campaigns for your eCommerce site is a way to stand out virtually while remaining relevant and visually-appealing. The more you understand about properly marketing an eCommerce site online, the easier it becomes to reach any demographic or audience you have in mind.

A Brief Synopsis of Data Mining in Oracle Database

Oracle Data Mining is the mechanism of automatically looking for large data stores with a view to discovering out of the box patterns or trends. The mechanism uses various sophisticated mathematical algorithms for segmenting the data and evaluating the likelihood of the future events. It is also referred to as the KDD or Knowledge Discovery in Data.

Properties of ODM

ODM comes up with the following key properties:

  • Automatic discovery of the patterns
  • Prediction of the likely results or outcomes
  • Creation of actionable information
  • Focus on large databases and datasets

One of the principle objectives of Oracle Data Mining is providing a comprehensive and cutting edge functionality to the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

Oracle Data Mining is executed in the Kernel of the Oracle Database, and the mining models are the first class database objects. ODM uses various in-built Oracle Database features for maximizing the scalability, and making efficient use of various system resources.

Some of the data mining products need to export the data from a corporate database and convert them into specialized mining format. ODM makes sure that there is no need of conversion or movement of data. This also makes sure that the entire process of data mining is less cumbersome, less time-consuming, and error-free.

Techniques used

A vast majority of techniques that are used in Oracle Data Mining can be placed within a statistical framework. However, the techniques are not always identical to the conventional or traditional statistical techniques.

Traditional statistical techniques need a comprehensive extent of user interaction for validating the acuteness of casino online a particular model. Hence, it is at times difficult to automate the statistical methods. Besides, statistical methods are not meant to scale a huge volume of data set in a proper way. Data mining techniques are generally appropriate for large data sets and are easier to automate. In fact, the data mining algorithms at times need large volume of data sets to create quality models.

It is also possible to mine the data from flat files, database tables, and other formats of storage. However, the most important criteria for asset of data, is not the format of storage, but the applicability of the issue that needs to be solved.

Again, when the analytical capabilities are implemented on the location of the data, there is no need of exporting the data to any external service for any analysis. Also, there is no need of importing the results of analysis as they already reside within the database from where it becomes extremely easy to access, refresh, and combine them with other data.

Advantages of ODM

Let us look into the advantages of Oracle Data Mining.

Marketing or Retail

Data mining is the best choice for the marketing companies when it comes to building various models based on the historical data for predicting marketing trends and campaigns. Results yielded from the data mining help the marketers to choose their approach for selling their products that are targeted to reach out to specific customers. Thus, data mining brings in a plethora of benefits for the retail companies.

In the marketing fraternity, data mining techniques help improve the conversions, increase of customer satisfaction, and help create various targeted advertising campaigns. The techniques are also utilized while analyzing and evaluating the needs in the market and help companies to come up with out of the box ideas in case of launching product lines that is completely new. This can be executed by looking at the history of sales and customer data and by creating powerful and market-centric prediction models.

Finance and Banking

Data mining also provides the banks and financial institutions loads of information related to loans and credit reporting. Through the process of building a model from the database of the customers, these institutions are able to determine good and the bad loans. Also, data mining immensely helps the banks to detect fraudulent transactions through credit card, and this protects the interest of the card owners.

Author bio

The author is the owner of a software development firm that is home to some of the best Oracle certified developers. He is also a seasoned Oracle certified software developer with years of experience under his belt in regards to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

10 Ways of Reducing Cost of Motoring

Motorists may not realize how expensive it is to own a car because they pay bit by bit. When they total them up at the end of the year they will see how large the spending is. The good news is that when the amount spent is high you can save substantial amounts by looking into solutions. Here are 10 ways of saving money on vehicle related costs.

  1. Look after Your Car

There are a few benefits of looking after your automobile well. First of all, a well looked after vehicles keep their value better. You will have a hard time to sell it if it is not serviced properly. Secondly, they don’t breakdown easily that allow you to avoid expensive repairs. Thirdly, they burn less petrol when the engine, oil and filters are clean.

  1. Keep Clean Driving Records

Again, there are several benefits to being a good driver. First of all, you avoid traffic ticket fines and possible car insurance premium increases. Secondly, you avoid accidents and dents on your auto that have a direct effect on vehicle insurance rates.

  1. Cycle

Unfortunately, we don’t cycle enough. Cars burn a lot of petrol when they start and stop and in short journeys from home to shops. You can get on your bicycle and drop to your friends, post office or your favorite coffee shop. It is easy to park and you exercise in the process.

  1. Car Share

Another way of keeping car usage to minimum is share rides with your colleagues or even with your family. You don’t have to take two cars to similar direction. One can drop off the other. It may seem negligible effort but every little helps.

  1. Find the Cheapest Fuel Prices

This is quite easy to achieve. Most motorists have four or five gas stations in their route to work, supermarket or school. Watching the prices and filling up at the cheapest station is not hard to do. Potentially, you can save five to ten dollar a week this way.

  1. Watch Out for Repair Costs

This one is about not getting swindled by a crafty mechanic. Some of them are so bad that they create problems or report non-existent issues so that they can charge you an arm and a leg. You should always get a second opinion when you are reported expensive repairs.

  1. Find Cheap Auto Insurance Policies

Many motorists come short of finding the best deals when it comes to car insurance. They become sentimental towards their current insurer or lazy to shop around. At the end they let their policy auto renew for another year. This type of ignorance costs you money. You need to ask yourself if you can find cheaper automobile insurance from an alternative provider. It is not hard to get a few quotes and switch insurers if it makes sense.

  1. Use Coupons and Get Cash Back

Using your credit card for car related expenses can offer you cash back. Also, you may be able to get petrol coupons when you shop in large supermarkets with gas stations. Be on the lookout for these extra benefits.

  1. Cut Parking Costs

Most local authorities love parking charges and keep increasing them as a means of further revenue. It can take a large space in your motoring costs in no time if you don’t watch out.  That is why you need to carefully plan in advance where you are going to park your car.

10.  Pay your Premium Upfront

This is another easy way of saving money. When you pay the vehicle insurance premium upfront you don’t have to pay additional credit arrangement costs and you may be able to take advantage of further discounts. Keep this in mind for the next renewal.

Transfer All Your Data Safely with EaseUs ToDo PCTrans Free

Are you planning to buy a new laptop or a computer? Buying a new computer device is fun, but the biggest challenge is to transfer all the content from the older laptop to the new one. Many people believe that they need to have some or all of the content on their new laptop as well and therefore they search for transfer programs that allow them to move all their data easily and without losing any of it. While there are many transfer programs and software that help you with moving the content with ease, but you have to ensure that all the content is transferred securely.


EaseUs ToDo PCTrans Free 8.0 allows you to do just that by ensuring that you don’t have to waste too much of time transferring all the information that you have on your older computer. With this software you can transfer programs to new computer in short time so that you can use those programs on your new laptop or computer. It also allows you to move applications that you want and therefore it saves time as you don’t have to download fresh version of those applications on your new laptop.

It is always important that you keep things simple and therefore you need transfer software that have simple user interface. There are clear and simple instructions provided on how users can transfer the data from their old computer to their new ones and therefore there are no errors and technical issues. It makes it easier for first time users to use the software without any help required. The new system also supports Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 and therefore the software can be used with different systems.


You can also make use of transfer programs when you are planning to upgrade your operating system. For many users this can be a challenge especially they have decided to buy new laptops that have the latest operating system. EaseUs ToDo PCTrans Free 8.0 allows you to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and also Windows 8. It also works perfectly when you want to migrate data from Windows XP to Windows 7 and higher. The software not just makes the entire process simple, but it also comes with additional customer support so that you can get technical assistance at any time of the day. It is a simple and efficient transfer program that ensures that all your data and programs are transferred in the right way.


Tools for Growing your Network Marketing, Fast

Modern technology is a blessing in network marketing today. Business people start their businesses knowing that to succeed, they need to market their business. Network marketing is the most affordable way to achieve this. For you to succeed in your network marketing efforts, you need the latest proven and effective technology.

Traditional methods aren’t as effective and many business people that depend on such strategies end up failing. You need access to modern tools based on internet technology to help you attract prospective clients, since this allows you to reach a wider audience. Here you will learn the best methods to use to succeed in your network marketing business.

First, you need to find the right tools for your business. There are several systems designed to build leads and some of them are highly effective as long as you acquire them and devote your effort to learn how to use them correctly.

A Business Website

You also need to set up your business website. The website should have auto responders to capture leads. The responder will make a follow-up of your visitor. Follow-up is one of the greatest secret of this industry.

Landing pages are excellent for your website. Without these, people visit and leave your website without you being aware. This landing page helps visitors to fill out a form with an offer so that you can get their details used to create a list. With this list, you can email or call them to follow-up on their inquiries.

Follow-up on Leads

As a network marketer, you need to adopt using email follow-up. You can do this by using leads created by your capture page. Start by sending an introductory email to introduce yourself. Briefly talk about your company and product to raise awareness and interest followed by a phone call.


Blogging is also an excellent tool. Many people are unaware of the power of a blog. It is easy to set up and maintain once you identify your niche. It only takes about half an hour to submit a good blog post. A blog is an affordable marketing channel since you can build or integrate it into an existing website easily. A blog also enhances your business visibility so that when people are in need of a certain product, you come into their minds first.

Social Media

Another vital tool in network marketing is the use of social media. According to Hubspot.com, 92 % of marketers believe that social media has benefited their business a lot. This is because these websites are among the most visited sites on the internet. Their ability to disseminate information virally is a great advantage.

These networks serve as a source of information for your target market. By using them, you know how people feel about your product. You will also gain information about your competition.

Troubleshooting Your Satellite Internet Connection

From businesses to the average Joe, Internet connectivity is a modern convenience for instant information across the globe. Although some people receive their immediate Internet service through a hard-wired connection, satellites typically bring connectivity through the provider’s network and into certain homes. Connecting one continent to another is an intricate array of bouncing satellite signals. When you use a satellite dish at your establishment to gain Internet access, however, it may be necessary to troubleshoot it when connectivity is lost.

Positioning Woes

The most obvious problem with connectivity is dish positioning. Your Internet carrier has a specific satellite array location in the sky, such as an Equatorial orbit. Following the directions with your system, manually adjust the dish until it points in the correct direction. Some systems even have an automatic adjustment using integrated software and hardware configurations. For most situations, you’ll see a clear Internet connection after a dish adjustment. Even the strongest dish bolts shift with severe weather.

Wireless Vs. Hard-wired

The satellite dish funnels signals to an interior modem where they’re either distributed through wires or WiFi signals. For wired configurations, check their connection with the modem and attached computers. Wires may pull out from the connector just enough to have weak signals. Wires may even be frayed from being pinched or pulled. For wireless systems, verify your computers are close enough to the interior signal to catch it strongly. When you’re far from the signal with walls blocking the transmission, Internet connectivity is often interrupted.

Modem Down

You may have your satellite dish perfectly aligned, but a bad modem stops the signals in their tracks. Locate the modem and use your senses to verify why it could be malfunctioning. If it’s stacked among books or other electronics, it may be overheating. Keep this hard-working device out of the sun and spaced away from other items. It needs air circulation to cool the internal components.

Solar Flares

Some Internet interruptions just can’t be helped by basic adjustments. Satellites orbiting the Earth are susceptible to periodic solar flare activity. When the sun puts out a strong radiation burst, satellite signals are actually disrupted at the devices themselves. Any person or business relying on that satellite will be without transmissions until the radiation subsides.

Time Heals

Even if there is no solar flare activity, you can lose satellite signals with even the best equipment installation. Luckily, most providers use several satellites to distribute their signals. Over the course of a day, you should be able to lock onto another satellite for Internet connectivity. They take some time to orbit around the Earth, but catching one satellite means you can catch another signal just as easily.

Catching those important satellite signals is the job of properly positioned satellite dishes. Before calling a provider about a poor signal, check all your hardware for any malfunctions. From winds to rain, satellite dishes often move over time and lose signal. You’ll be up and running in no time with smart troubleshooting strategies.

Splicing Wires with Ease

Regardless of the industry, today’s technology surrounds you with wires as a main electrical conduit. From wiring your desktop computer to installing a new landline, a basic skill to master is wire splicing. Wires break or need to be altered for many applications. Understanding safe splicing procedures gives you a chance to complete that electronic repair or installation without calling in the professionals.

Creating a Safe Haven

Always turn any electricity off before working with bare wires. Home improvement stores usually have non-contact voltage testers at reasonable prices so it’s crucial to have one handy to check electrical flow safely. You want no power coming from either wire. Even shut down the main electrical panel’s circuit breaker if you’re unsure about electricity in your work area. Electrical shocks are serious and can severely hurt you. With a safe work area, you can complete the splicing accurately.

Cold or Heat Shrink?

According to this website, there are two types of shrinking material to cover your splice. Most people use heat shrink, forming a tight tube around your wire splice using a heat gun for activation. However, your wires may be frail or the surroundings too volatile to use excessive heat. Consider using cold shrink tubing with its pull cord release. You’ll still have the same wire coverage just without introducing extreme heat.

Twist Away

With your shrink tubing slid onto one wire side, it’s time to twist the two exposed wire ends together. You want to make a solid connection between the two wires to prevent electrical arcing and shorting. Use needle-nose pliers to twist the two wires together. They should appear as one wire after those tight turns. Slide the shrink tubing across the exposed and twisted wire area to ready your project’s next step.

Cover the Splice Professionally

When sliding the tubing over the twisted wires, you shouldn’t see any exposed wires afterward. Once you verify this fact, start the shrinking process. Heat shrink simply needs a heat gun applied to its exterior in even movements. Don’t allow it to overheat the tubing to the point of warping. Cold shrink only requires some pulling force on your part to make the tubing conform to the wires. Both tubing types should be completely flush against the wires with no open areas for moisture or debris infiltration.

Final Checks

Take a close look at the tubing and wire connection. If all exposed wires are completely covered, turn on the electricity to that area. Activate the device to see the splice’s work in action. Give the connection a little jostling to see if any electrical shorts occur. Connections should take some movement without problems. The tubing keeps the connection in place even with a little bending. The connection should last for many years without abuse, such as stepping on it or bending it severely.

Working comfortably with splicing tools is a skill only acquired with practice. During your home or work DIY projects, splice wires consistently to perfect your skill. When gadgets suddenly fail, you’ll be the first person people flock to for help.

How You Can Use Technology to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Fortunately for those of us hoping to lose fat, gain muscle, improve endurance, or achieve any other fitness-related goal, the days of training like Rocky are over. You no longer have to chase chickens or depend on zero-support Chucks for your runs.

Technology has made training and tracking your goals easier than ever. But are you taking advantage of everything you can? You don’t have to spend an entire paycheck to put technology to work for you and your fitness goals.

Consider this: Something as simple as a USB pen can capture your before, during, and after photos to give you instant access to your progress. Even when you’re weighing yourself, measuring body parts and getting your body fat checked, it’s tough to see improvements day after day.

Much as you might hate this approach, take a bathing-suit-before photo and keep it handy (on a USB but also backed up in case of theft). Take another photo each week in the same outfit and position. You’ll be glad you did soon enough.

Tech it out

One of the best devices for fitness-minded folks is a smartwatch that tracks calories burned, goals, distance, elevation, and/or GPS. The price for these devices can vary greatly; don’t overspend if you don’t need to.

You probably don’t need all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line gadget (or maybe you do). Be realistic about what you need.

Another strategy is to use your smartphone or iPod for fitness tracking. Download the right apps to give you everything you’d want from a smartwatch.

Plus, if you “can’t” work out without your music or having your phone at the ready, there’s no reason to have to carry extra devices. Check out what your existing technology can offer before springing for something brand-new.


Like it or not, the scale is one of the simplest ways to see your progress. Whether you’re looking to lose fat or gain muscle, checking your weight once a week (at the same time) can be a big indicator.

It’s not perfect, but if you opt for a high-tech model with a body-fat calculator, you can get an idea of your progress. Make sure you use other methods for progress checks, as well, though.

Once you really get into the swing of things, it’s worth considering a heart rate monitor. Prices vary but can be as low as $50).

Staying in the right zones is crucial to achieving your fitness goals, and you might be pushing yourself too hard (or not hard enough). Either way, why get in your own way?