Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this interesting gadget

Yes, you read it right, now you can turn your iPad into a real foosball table! It is pretty cool to play foosball on your smartphone, but to play it on the iPad with a little foosball table, now that is a unique experience. People in New Potato Technologies are the one behind this interesting gadget which combines virtual applications and the real foosball table.

So, how does it work?

First things first, you have to meet some requirements before you can purchase this amazing foosball table, but don’t worry it is not complicated. The application which works on this stand is called the Classic Match Foosball, which is the name of the foosball table as well. You have to download the application to play on the table because this app is 100% compatible with the stand. Any other application might work, but not likely because the stand is made especially for this application. The application itself is FREE so I don’t see a problem with the download.

Now, let’s talk about the stand. There are two dimensions you can purchase because the first dimension is compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3. The second stand, a newer model, is compatible with the iPad 3, 4 and iPad Air and Air 2.

Two sizes of foosball tables for iPad

Both of the tables look pretty much the same, except some minor design changes which don’t affect the game. With this foosball table, you will get 4 legs, 1 stand for the iPad, 8 rods and 2 scoring systems (one in red and one in blue). The table assembly is extremely simple; all you need to do is to attach the legs on the stand and insert the rods into 8 holes, just below the place where you put the iPad and you are done. On the bottom part of the table is 1 USB port, which means that you can plug the table and charge your iPad while you play the match. Forget about the empty battery notification during the most interesting part of the game.

When you assemble the stand for the iPads and place them on the stand, your iPad will look like the mini foosball table. On both longer sides of the iPad are 4 rods used to control the players in the game. On both shorter sides of the iPads are scoring systems so you will have to move the bean when you score – just like on the real foosball table.

The Classic Match Foosball application

The foosball application is really good. I like the fact that the rods and the players in the app move the same second so you really have a feeling like you are on the real table. Rods are extra sensitive so they register every move you make, no matter how small it is. Unfortunately, the rods in the reality and the rods in the game aren’t in line, they are moved a little bit, but that is something you can get used to after 3-4 matches.

This gadget is one excellent product which will keep you entertained for hours and I think it can be the perfect gift for every fooser on the planet.

Futuristic Gadgets for the New You

Technological advancement knows no bounds. There is no limit to the human imagination and everyday innovators and inventors come up with new offerings that continue to baffle and amaze us. The future of technology is here and now and it looks even brighter with new steps being taken in innovation every day.

Here are a few innovative gadgets that truly will redefine your life and you can use to usher in the future into your life:

LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light

This is not just an ordinary flash light. The Satechi LightMate is a very practical gadget meeting various requirements. It has a bright, plastic LED making it safe and long lasting. The light can be switched to different modes like Strobe, SOS, bright, medium and dim according to what suits you. It also comes with a portable power bank with a 2200 mAh battery and a USB charging port to allow you to charge your phone or devices on the go, in an emergency or in the face of light failure. It is water proof and has a high durability making it less prone to break and comes with an inbuilt steel glass breaker as well. This is truly one gadget that will serve all your needs!

Divoom Voombox

This is a unique portable and wireless speaker that is great for outdoor music and recreation purposes. You can easily connect your device to the speaker through Bluetooth and its quality will blow you away. The audio quality is state of the art and even water resistant in case you’re tempted to take it to your next summer pool party. Bring the roof down with this incredible device that is well worth your money.

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Logitech Harmony Home Control

We’ve all been through the headache of having to handle way too many remote controls for various appliances scattered around the house. This is one cool gadget that works as a universal remote control offering you to use your smartphone as a remote too. It works with your entertainment system and other devices too like an inbuilt thermostat around the house. It is compatible with over 27,000 devices which include satellite boxes, TV, Apple TV, Sonos, Xbox and many more devices to give you a one stop control of the world around you.

Nespresso Pixie

This is an amazing coffee maker giving a twist to your regular coffee maker. It makes espresso coffee using espresso pods ensuring you get the perfect coffee every time. It comes with a folding drip tray for bigger cups and it can brew coffee within 30 seconds. It can detect the water level giving you an indication and also has an auto power-off. It comes with a 24 ounce water tank making it easy for you to make large helpings of coffee for those heavy mornings when everyone is demanding their morning fix.

Visit Snapdeal and use Snapdeal Promo Code and get great offers on coffee makers and other kitchen appliances. You will be able to save more by getting the double benefit of discount coupons and cash back as well.

TrackR StickR

We’ve all been through the frustration of losing everyday objects like keys, smartphones and wallets and it can be even more frustrating of trying to remember where we kept them. This is a great gadget that solves all your issues. It is a coin sized device which you can attach to any item. You can simply access the lost items through your smartphone app which will guide you to your lost items through a beeping sound. The app can also guide you even if the phone is on silent mode and is compatible with both Android and iOS. You never have to worry about losing any item again.

Get these amazing, futuristic gadgets that will make life’s everyday functioning quite smooth. Technology is slowly taking over and the future looks even more promising with the present so good!

How To: Optimize Your Drug Rehab Facility for Apple Watch

With the brand new Apple Watch set to release at the end of April, more and more mobile users will find themselves relying more than ever on Apple’s voice command function, Siri. Searching on the go is going to be easier than ever for the average user.

Siri focuses heavily on local searches – so if you’re a drug rehab facility that primarily serves your local community, it’s important to make sure you’re indexed in every way possible for users to find you. When it comes to developing a comprehensive SEO strategy, many companies neglect to optimize for search engines other than Google. But if you want to stand a chance against your competitors, you’ll need to keep Siri in mind. Read on for some tips to incorporate Siri and other local search functions into your digital marketing strategy.

Create Multiple Profiles

There are countless sites with profiles of local businesses listed, such as Localeze, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, TomTom, Yelp, and Google+ Local. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps are constantly pulling data from these platforms, so it’s important not only to create a profile on each one but also to ensure these profiles are detailed and complete.

Every Apple Watch will be pre-loaded with Apple Maps, so check your business listing there. If your drug rehab facility is unlisted or is incorrectly listed, send a report to Apple to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

It’s equally important to optimize for Google, because many iOS users still prefer Google Maps. Set your facility up with Google My Business to make sure your Google+ profile is listed on both Maps and Search.

Optimize for Siri

There are a few different ways to optimize for Siri, including but certainly not limited to:

·      Creating a formal review program for clients and their families to report feedback. Both consumers and search engines gravitate toward reviews. They want to know that your facility places individual focus on each resident and that your staff treats every patient with respect. Reviews speak for themselves about quality of care – and Siri also readily indexes them. Encourage happy clients to leave reviews.

·      Optimizing for long-tail keywords. Siri users search with natural speech, which means their queries are longer and more specific. Build out keywords for voice searches and phrases to compensate for different ways people talk.

·      Using schema tags to add value to local searches. These tags help search engines – and, in turn, Siri – to understand web content because they make it easier to index. Schema tags list information like address, phone number, rankings, and operating hours of businesses.

Optimizing for Local Searches

Pricing for drug rehab SEO depends on the extent of your reach. Some local indexes are harder to break into than others, which also figures into how much it costs to optimize your SEO. Either way, the cost is well worth it – especially when it comes to optimizing for so many different search venues.

Tech for Medical Assistants

The ever-growing medical field relies heavily on technology to operate. Technology helps in every aspect from scheduling appointments and tracking provider schedules to viewing lab results taken in a hospital while in a doctor’s office. Medical assistants must utilize these technologies to do their jobs. Technology will make the medical assistant’s role, as well as the patient’s role, much easier.

Medical Assistants Utilize Technology

The writers of onetonline.org list the following items as technology used by medical assistants in today’s jobs:

  • Operating system software – Medical Assistants need to be able to maneuver in various operating systems. These could include Microsoft Windows Vista Business or Microsoft Office.

  • Office Suite Software – Business software applications are used by medical assistants. These would include programs like Microsoft Office.

  • Electronic Mail Software – Email programs like Microsoft Exchange are important to medical assistants.

  • Accounting Software – Billing and bookkeeping software help medical assistants perform effectively.

  • Medical Software – Medical Assistants will need to use Electronic Medical Record or Health Record Software. They may also use visual electro diagnostic software.

Remember, this list is definitely subject to change. New technologies mean new ways to help patients. New discoveries in medicine necessitate change.

Electronic Health Records Streamline Work

Medical assistants will most likely need training in the use of electronic health records according to Allied Health Institute. On the most simple of terms, EHRs are computerized patient charts. At best, EHR’s can be truly patient-centered, real-time records. Information about the patient’s health can be accessed immediately. EHR’s can keep the patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medication, test results, radiology images, allergies and other records organized. Being able to see these records help providers give the best available healthcare to the patient. Providers also benefit from the automation of workflow, as well as the accuracy and organization of patient information. Patients are sometimes also allowed access to their medical records, which allows rapid discovery of test results and better patient satisfaction. One of the most amazing features of EHR’s is that they can include information from clinics, emergency rooms, hospital stays and any variety of healthcare settings.

Healthcare Continues to Evolve

We are in an ever-changing situation; our world is increasingly digitally connected. Each new technology lets healthcare providers drastically change procedures, streamlining their systems. Improvements in software programs let populations stats be tracked and help with diagnosing issues. Billing and tracking practices help identify patient’s past treatments. Paperwork is reduced; successful treatments are increased. The successful medical assistant will be able to adapt to this change and evolve with the new technology.

Medical assisting is an ever-adapting career. With our aging population, we need more healthcare providers. We are able to provide better care with the medical assistants and the technologies they embrace.

5 Gadgets Every Event Planner Needs

The job of an event planner has always been three-fold: secure the perfect event space, attract the right people and make the event meaningful for all participants. While the job has not changed, the tools to do it certainly have. Event planners these days must be tech savvy to ensure that their events will be timely, engaging and reach as many people as possible.

These are the top 5 technologies that event planners rely on:

Social Media Management System

Social media is the best way to build buzz around an upcoming event and attract a broader audience. Social media can even serve as a way to reach out to industry influencers and get their endorsement of an event. However, with all of the social media platforms that an event’s audience may be using, managing each individually can be quite a task! This is why event planners utilize social media management systems to aggregate all of their posts and interactions into one place.

Most social media management systems also allow event planners to schedule messages so that they can push out relevant updates and release special information (like registration price changes and speaker announcements) in an organized way. Scheduling creates a way to establish an event calendar for content creation and dissemination.

Mobile-Friendly Website or Event App

With as tied to their phones as event participants are these days, having a mobile-friendly site or event app is more important than ever before. Event planners have to be sure that all content can be accessed and shared from mobile devices. For events where there are exhibitors or large corporate sponsors, this mobile platform needs to tie into their promotional efforts as well to encourage attendees to visit their booths or sites to learn more.

Registration and Attendee Management Software

Managing event registrations can be chaotic, especially when there are different levels, tracts and/or pricing brackets. The right event management software can organize individual and group registrations and provide other benefits like the ability to segment and contact different groups of attendees at set times through different channels. Letting a professional event management platform do the difficult job of making sure all participants are prepared and excited about the upcoming event and also thanking them and encouraging them to attend a future event as well can very well make or break the event.

When researching venues, making sure that a venue has a special events coordinator, such as Grandview San Jose states in their event planning services, to help fit all these pieces of the puzzle together is crucial. Even the most traditional of venues are making sure they have all these amenities available to event planners.

Videoconferencing Service

The reality of any event is that not everyone who wants to attend can attend due to scheduling conflicts and financial restrictions. Streaming the conference is a great way to provide an alternate option for this segment. As Tara Thomas explains on Successful Meetings, “Virtual events save the planner and the attendee time, money, and resources… Virtual events are a great way for planners to fill seats at a cost that won’t make anyone wince.”

Audience Response System

Encouraging audience participation during the event is a great way to increase event buzz and get real-time feedback. Getting audience input during discussions, lectures and panels gives speakers a way to engage with the audience, while polling attendees about their satisfaction and asking for suggestions ensures that they event will be well-received.Leanna Rathkelly explains this new technology break-through on BizBash when she says, “The same technology used by major TV networks to gauge audience sentiment during broadcasts of the State of the Union and national elections is now available for events of any size.”

Why Technology is Valuable to Small Businesses

Small business owners must use the right tools to increase daily productivity. According to Payment Key Stone, a business must accept credit cards to remain competitive. If your bottom line needs a boost, the experts at Wells Fargo recommend several tools and technologies that you should consider.

Financial Management Software

By using financial management software, you can efficiently manage your expenses and sales. The software also tracks cash flow and receivables and monitors inventory and payroll.

Mobile and Online Banking

Online banking services offer tools that help users manage accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills. Because of new mobile technology advancements, you can now manage your finances easily from many locations.

CRM Software

You can discover many new business opportunities by using CRM software. The software is valuable because it helps you pinpoint which customers are your best customers and which marketing strategies are the most effective.

Efficient Ways to Use Technology to Grow Your Business

The marketing specialists at Fox Business have discovered several easy ways to grow a business at a low cost.

To build a success e-commerce business, you must establish your brand by developing a site that reaches a customers who share a common interest. Once you have defined your niche, you can successfully market specialized products and services to these customers.

Consumers who visit online stores prefer to have experiences that suit their basic interests and needs. Thanks to advanced software, you can give your customers options during the product selection process.

The most successful eCommerce businesses deploy crowd-sourced content to attract potential consumers. For example, Amazon gained over a million customers after their shoppers shared their opinions about different books in the store.

Tailoring the customers’ browsing experiences is another way to grow your business. To attract new potential clients, you must develop a solid navigation structure on your website. If your customers have no problems browsing your site on all online platforms, they will likely visit your store again in the future.

If you want to grow your small business into a big company, you must invest in mobile eCommerce solutions. According to studies, mobile commerce is growing by 130 percent each year. If your business doesn’t have a good mobile platform, your sales will drop dramatic over the next few years. To compete with your competitors, you will need a platform that offers production information, maps, notifications, and delivery updates.

Building a Customer Base by Using Mobile Payment Solutions

According to Jennifer Goforth Gregory at American Express, you must offer a variety of mobile payment options to attract new clients.

Design Incentive Programs

By using a mobile payment solution, you can integrate incentive programs and loyalty programs into your applications. If you offer a good incentive, most of your customers will revisit your store to buy more items.

Track Inventory and Customer Trends

Because most business owners do not have good tracking tool, they cannot serve their customers properly. Managers who use mobile payment solutions, however, are most successful because they can track which products and services meet their customers’ demands.

4 Tech Inventions Revolutionizing Your Sleep

“Sleep hygiene” is one of the most overlooked aspects of health in the US and around the world. While most people know they should get “around eight” hours of sleep, that doesn’t take into account the quality of that sleep, how many sleep hours they need as a unique individual, or any other aspect that can add to (or take away from) this crucial re-charging period. Fortunately, technology is available to optimize sleep hygiene and improve your overall health.

You wouldn’t skimp on brushing your teeth or eating for days, would you? Opting out of quality sleep hygiene is the same thing. Lack of quality sleep has been linked to scores of illnesses, not feeling anywhere near 100 percent, looking worse for wear and even earlier death. In addition to the latest CPAP machines for sleep apnea sufferers, there are some fantastic technologies for all sleepers. Here are some of the best:

1. Sleep Genius

This is an app, but it was created for astronauts by neuroscientists. It offers pink noise (the softer version of white noise) and uses neurosensory algorithms that kickstar sensations in your brain that make you feel like you’re being gently rocked. Add in binaural beats (which your brain recognizes as sleep waves) and you get much more than metrics to figure out your best sleep patterns.

2. Jawbone UP

Wear this wristband to keep an eye on sleep cycles. You’ll know how much light vs. deep sleep you got, and can analyze how often you were awakened during the night. To set the alarm, you’ll be alerted with a soft vibration. The latest update matches your sleep to the previous day’s exercise and meals so you can plan accordingly for optimal sleep (and don’t forget about that caffeine tracker).

3. Good Night light

Even if you’re not working the graveyard shift, all kinds of light from natural to artificial stops melatonin from being produced in the body. This means you’re more alert and your circadian rhythm is way off course. With the Good Night light bulb (in LED), astronauts at the International Space Station have been using it to encourage melatonin when it’s bed time. Now you can do the same.

4. SleepRate

This app and heart rate monitor offers an analysis of the night, such as REM rate (which should be 50 percent of your sleep time for maximum results). It’ll also record any bedroom sounds so you can see if there are regular noise offenders from raccoons to sirens. With a Stanford University-licensed cognitive behavior therapy program included, it’s the ultimate way to get a good night’s sleep.

Not sure which one to try? Sleep on it (if you can).

Discover What You Did Not Know About the New HTC ONE M8

The new HTC One M8 boasts of an improved version of the HTC’s Sense UI, larger screen, chassis with more metal and that d two rear camera sensors. New M8 has inherited many characteristics of its predecessor like curved back and horizontal stripes and Boom Sound speaker grills. Compared to 70 percent for M7, nearly 90 percent of M8 is made of aluminum. This only means that phone does not have polycarbonate accents and in fact the metal wraps all over till it reaches display. It has rounded corners and brushed metal finish at the back. The smartphone is available in gold and silver.

The phone is beautiful, sleek and very well polished and you can get a good discount on using coupons for Amazon India. Its new finish is slippery because there are hardly places for getting firm grip because it grew from 4.7 inch screen having blunt sided to 5 inch screen and the sides having sharp curves. Phone has to be handled carefully because your fingers will get feeling of slipping off as there is hardly any space. It has all metal exterior presenting a good look and is durable but is prone to scratches.

After normal wear and tear it is likely to lose its shine and good look. The new model is taller, wider and heavier and is 9.3mm thick. It has larger screen and because of increased use of metal, it will get bigger and also heavier. It is little awkward to hold this phone in hand.  Power button has now been placed on top right. Few changes have also been made to layout of buttons by HTC. Though volume rocker is still on right but does not fully flush with chassis any longer. Memory card is its new neighbor.

In case you have used original One, back of new model will appear familiar- arched back, camera, flash, horizontal stripes, another camera and logo. There are two cameras and two LED flashes on the back. Once you turn phone to the front, much improved front facing camera will be seen near the top along with virtual navigational buttons and the logo below. BoomSound that had been appreciated earlier is also there. HTC has assured richer sound by using new amp, new DSP and making the chambers that house speakers deep. Looking to buy one, don’t forget to use Amazon India for amazing discounts.

M8 retains the earlier display and resolution tech but has little larger 5 inch screen. This will cause lower pixel density but you are not likely to notice unless you are watching two displays simultaneously. Compared to earlier model, panel appears bright, sharp and vibrant. Display is easy for seeing in direct light when brightness is pushed to 75 percent or more. Screen is protected by slab of glass which is scratch resistant. Protective coating has been applied by the company for preventing extra scratches and the impact which may weaken glass. M8 is rated for the liquid protection. It can handle volume of o.7 liters every minute and is protected against water spraying on the phone for pressure of 80-100 kpa for five minutes for angle up to 60 degrees. Whenever you plan to buy it, get the latest discount coupon from CouponDekho and buy it for the cheapest price possible.

4 Cool Ways to Use a Drone

Some Americans already have drones delivering their mail. You read about the fleets of drones used by military operations around the world. Did you know you could have your very own drone to use for just about anything you want? The FAA is still considering the rules for personal drone usage, but it’s perfectly legal and a lot less expensive than you think. In fact, it’s the perfect gift for any techie who’s in need of a new toy.

However, the uses of drones are a lot more interesting than what you might imagine. They can be equipped with cameras and the ability to carry packages of a variety of sizes. Getting your hands on one is the first step, but the second step comes with endless possibilities. Here are a few ideas to keep you and your drone busy for months to come.

1. Put it to work

Drones are very popular in the real estate industry, being used by property managers and realtors alike to showcase the condition of a property. You can use them for your next architecture project, civil engineering, mapping out your next farm crop or for any other business where a bird’s eye view would be beneficial. Just think of it as your own personal assistant (that can fly).

2. Make a movie

If you’re an amateur filmmaker or a home movie master, drones can provide a truly fresh perspective. They allow you to capture landscapes, film from a brand new angle, and basically get the benefits of a much bigger movie budget with limited funds. There’s no need to hire a helicopter for filming when a drone is handy.

3. Flex your photography chops

Photographers, both professional and amateur, are always looking for the next big thing. Drone photography on a professional and/or artistic level has yet to take flight. You can make a name for yourself with creative drone photography and be a revolutionary in this brand new genre. Get in on the ground floor and secure your place as a forefather of aerial photography in the digital era.

4. Spy on friends and family

Of course stalking is frowned upon and there are certainly going to be repercussions if you use a drone to check out what your neighbor’s are doing, but friends and family are fair game if drone spying is done in good fun. Keep an eye on the kids, take videos of your next backyard BBQ and go all Big Brother on your roommates.

This is just the beginning. How do you imagine using a drone?

New Amazon Phone Promotes Amazon Products

Amazon has recently released a smartphone, known as the Amazon Fire. It’s not just any smartphone, however. There are various features that include text and audio recognition technology that makes it easier to scan and find products.

Features of the Phone

The new Amazon phone essentially makes it easier for people to shop with Amazon. They will be able to shop for anything from books to music to anything else that they wish to buy. There’s actually a button on the side of the phone designed for one-stop shopping. A person simply needs to press that button and they will be brought to Amazon where they can buy anything.

The new smartphone also features a Firefly button that will help to identify QR and bar codes, web and email addresses that are printed and much more. This helps people to be able to get what they need out of their phone without having to type everything in manually.

According to Geekwire.com, another appeal of the Amazon phone is the presence of the “Mayday” button. This is a button that users can press that will take them immediately to Amazon tech support where they can talk to someone about the issue that they are having.

While many people have thought that the Amazon phone was a ploy to sell more on Amazon, there are some features that are highly impressive. It can save a person a lot of time when they are shopping. Those who do a lot of online shopping, especially from Amazon, could benefit from having this phone in comparison to some of the others that are on the market.

The Benefits to Shopping Amazon

Amazon.com offers a wide range of products. According to Amazon.com, they feature 24-month interest-free financing and several other features when buying certain items, such as TVs.

A person is even able to order things like argan oil, a product that can help soothe inflammation and moisturize the skin from Amazon. Links can be provided from a company website into Amazon.

Amazon features reviews where people can read more about the product from the viewpoint of previous customers prior to making a purchase. This can provide people with more confidence when making online purchases, so they know what they are getting. Reviews can help to eliminate buyer’s remorse in many instances.

Amazon Prime is a feature that allows people to get free and reduced shipping as well as many other perks. There is a free trial available and from there, it is a low rate in order to take advantage of the features. This even provides free e-books throughout the month so that people with a Kindle or other e-reader can enjoy a good book without paying anything additional.

The Amazon phone is one of the most technologically advanced phones on the market. It has just been released, and it makes it possible for people to shop for virtually anything and do so with a single click on their phone.

Are Drones the Latest Real-Estate Tool?

Amazon announced earlier this year that drones will be delivering packages soon, and they’ve been a staple in military operations around the world for several years, but could this technology be about to change the real estate industry?

Technology has always been a big part of real estate activity, from Google Street Views for buyers to check out neighborhoods to the 1990s pagers that help agents stay connected during open houses. But drones might be one of the biggest advances yet.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, the more genuine and accurate information you can obtain about a property, the better. Calgary Real Estate Group was one of the first to adopt the use of drones.

Kelly McKelvie said, “We were a little goofy and I named the drone Iginla, so it kind of stuck.” Iginla is equipped with a camera that can be controlled via remote.

It’s a quadcopter that’s capable of taking video or photos, and sending the imagery back to a smartphone.

The ultimate selling tool

McKelvie Calgary thought drones would be the best way to show off some of the facets of homes which haven’t often been covered in listings. According to McKelvie, “If we can take the drone and essentially get on a really big ladder and get up and over, then we can really show what the home has to offer. It’s a different perspective.”

It’s also one many people want, given that purchasing property sight unseen has become increasingly popular in a global community.

The shots Iginla can take are unlike anything even the best (and most adventurous) real estate photographer could hope for. Plus, assuming the images aren’t manipulated, they’re an honest view of what the property includes.

Before the drone, the only other way to get such shots would be from a helicopter. Some laws and regulations may limit your access to a site because flight rules can be tough.

Keeping things legal

McKelvie says, “We have to see what we’re allowed to do and what we’re not allowed to do up here, but we’ll make sure we’re doing it right. It sounds like sometimes flight plans have to be registered so we’re certainly looking into it.”

From a home seller’s perspective, it’s definitely worth the extra hoops because many think such vantage points will become key selling points.

Janelle Donaldson, one of McKelvie’s clients, says, “I think it’s fantastic, I’m just so excited by new technology; anything that can help us market our home, that’s all good.”

The price for Iginla was “just” $2,000, which is comparable to what many professional photographers might charge for a single shoot. But similar models can be found for as low as $350.

iWatch to come in October?

According to a report by Recode Apple is planning a new wearable device in October. The report also states that Apple would schedule a special event that month to show off the iWatch.

The iWatch is the most awaited wearable and the expectations are big. Apple would have to come out with something super exciting to live upto these expectations.

The new wearable from Apple is expected to do a lot with Health and Fitness tracking. Apple is expected to build a lot of sensors into the wearables which would let users track their hydration level, heart rate, blood glucose, sleep activity and a lot of other health aspects

As per the latest rumors the wearable will boast of a modified version of iOS 8 and a curved, OLED touchscreen.

I personally believe that iWatch is not just about health and fitness. It will have a lot to do with home automation too.

What are your expectations from the iWatch?

Image via – toddham.com