What is jailbreak? Should I jailbreak?

What is jailbreaking? Should I jailbreak?

These are the common questions i’ve been asked by my friends. Having used Android for over one year and switching to iOS last year, I was very keen on knowing more about jailbreaking.  Of course, I knew what it was and how people praised it but had never experienced something so magical, so nifty that it totally changes the way you use your iOS product.
So the evad3rs team released evasiOn in February this year and like everyone else, I queued up on the website to download the software and jailbroke my phone…. and rest as they say is history!

So what is  jailbreak? or Why does one Jailbreak?

For beginners, consider your phone being a locked door and on the other side of the locked door, there are options, lots and lots of options to enhance your experience. Apple locks the door and throws the key somewhere far, so the developers have no other option but to pick the lock to unlock the door and go ahead. Pretty long, but hope you’ve understood.

So I have jailbroken my phone. What next?

You can tweak your phone and make it work the way you want it. You can visit this page by finding out about the best jailbreak tweaks. Moving on…

Should I jailbreak?

Well, that is a question which you have to ask yourself. Many people like using iOS the way Apple presents and some who feel that they want more from the phone they jailbreak it to make it look more visually appealing.

What are the advantages?

By jailbreaking your phone, tons of features are added. Some annoying features can be disabled. You can completely change how your iDevice looks by installing winterboard and then other themes which use winterboard as a platform for the execution.
Basically, once your phone is jailbroken there are a plethora of options out there for you to exploit. We have posted an article about the best jailbreak tweaks out there to save your time and change the way you use iOS.

What are the disadvantages?

By jailbreaking the warranty is voided, but after restoring your phone your warranty is restored. Voila!
If you install the right tweaks, use them in the right manner and not experimenting much with the settings within the tweaks, you may not pose any problems whatsover and the features added with the jailbreak will become a necessity.
But if you do not install the right tweaks and experiment, you may end up entering the safe mode of your phone repeatedly. This is not harmful but it may irritate you and you may feel agitated and end up restoring your phone to it’s factory settings hence un-jailbreaking your phone.

We are here to help you, make your call about Jailbreaking or not. Believe me, it’s the best thing known to iOS users. (Ok not exaggerating, but it truly is essential in my opinion).
So what’s your call? Will you jailbreak? If yes, then we will guide you. If no, then why not? Post your opinions and comments below!


HP re-enters tablet market with HP Slate 7 running Android 4.1 with Beats Audio for $169

HP has come out and announced that they will be launching HP Slate 7, which will be running Android 4.1 (JellyBean) and will sport a 7 inch 1024 x 600 display that HP promises will boast wide viewing angles thanks to its High-aperture-ratio Field Fringe Switching (HFFS) tech. Slate 7 is a 1.6GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor that powers the whole device, and the new slate also has 8GB of built-in storage, 1GB RAM, Beats Audio and wireless printing support. Coming out in April for $169.

HP has stayed quiet by not launching anything significant in the mobile market since 2011. Since it “discontinued operations” on webOS products in 2011. Would you shell out money for an HP tablet running Android? Keeping in mind its an entry-level offering, do the specs and the tablet itself justify the $169 price tag?


Via HP, PhoneDog