E-Commerce: An upcoming revolution

The most notable and revolutionary change of the last decade has been the advent of E-Commerce.  The business transaction done on the Internet is called E-Commerce.  From shampoo to LCD TVs everything can be bought and sold on the Internet.  Amazon.com during the early years of the new millennium pioneered E-Commerce.  Since, then many more companies have made internet their virtual stores.

What is E-Commerce?

Any business transaction done of the Internet constitutes E-Commerce.  E-Commerce is no single technology but a set of state of the art technologies which work in tandem to complete the entire process of a business transaction. It integrates online Marketing, Electronic transaction processing, Online payment systems such as Electronic Fund Transfers, Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management. All these complicated technologies working together to deliver you the items to your home after you order them online.

E-Commerce breaks the traditional barriers of time and distance and surprisingly cuts costs of the business. With the increase in the safety of online banking systems E-Commerce has expanded in a big way and is expected to expand even more in the coming decade.  It started with simple Etailing but now has expanded into sensitive sectors such as security trading.  Out and out this is really a technology of the future when hardly anybody would visit an actual store.  The change has just begun.

How To Make A Website Successful?

  • Sound navigation informing the visitor of the paths that he has traveled makes it easier for the prospective customer.  If an E-Commerce website has memories of the recent places visited it is even better.
  • Sound technology to help in drilling down the search helps in eliminating the unwanted items out of the search.  This makes the search easy and detailed. This increases customer satisfaction and confidence on the website.
  • The website should also have the ability to sort the items shortlisted by the customer on the basis of price, availability, delivery time, popularity etc.  This way customer feels empowered and is able to zero down on his search much faster according to his personal considerations.
  • As far as possible, the maximum number of products should be displayed in a single page to avoid hassles.  It is very irritating for some, especially elderly customers to flip pages to see different products.
  • As much as possible details and specifications of the products available on the website should be included in the “Details” section for that product.
  • All costs should be displayed clearly and there should be no “Hidden” costs.  Also, any special offer should be displayed prominently so that the customers get to know what the benefit of purchasing from your website is.
  • Very important information that needs to display prominently is the Delivery option.  The customer should know the number of days and method of shipping before shopping.  Any confusion around this can create bad opinion about the website.

E-Commerce is the business of the 21st century and it will grow in leaps and bounds.  This business method will surely create many more Jeff Bezos in the near future.

Author Bio: Mike is a blogger and web designer who teach people how to make a website easily.

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