Top 4 Trending Technology Apps

Unwieldy weather means a decrease in marathon participation and other outdoor activities. People have now shifted to indoor activities for fun rather than the outdoor ones. Everyone seems to be happier and content with their tablets, phones and notebooks. So here we present to you a list of the top trending technology applications you can use on you iOS devices.

1. Ladybird – Read it Yourself

The famous book publisher across the globe Penguin Ladybird Imprint has recently introduced this amazing application for their readers. It is basically a form of store cum reader that has been designed as an extension to the Penguin range of children books known as the Read It Yourself. The app consists of popular stories as well as fairy tales from a variety of different world wide famous brands such as the Lola and Moshi Monsters, Peppa Pig and Charlie. In addition to this, all the reading content has been divided in to four reading levels including but not limited to comprehension questions and other additional reading guides for both teachers and parents. The free demo version comes with only four complete stories. The rest of the stories and tales are available on the purchase of the complete version that comes for a price of approximately two dollars.

2. Quip

Designed for the complete collaboration over a variety of distinctively available modern day electrical devices, Quip serves as an effective and easy to operate processor for modern words. The app has been targeted for both the domestic as well as workplace use. The documents inside the app are presented in a chat like format that keeps on updating the related threads. This aids in keeping a constant display of all the other users who are online. People and documents can be linked to each other on the app platform with the help of twitter like mentions. The best part about the app is that it completely comes free of cost and can be easily downloaded on any iPad or iOS platform.

3. Lumosity

This has been claimed to be one of the most efficient and hassle free apps to be used for all forms of brain training. Though this amazing app was initially available only for the iPhone users but it has been recently launched in an iPad version too. The entire app has been based on the scientific workouts. The application has been integrated with a lot of mini games which are provided with an objective of having a clear and noticeable effect on the player’s skills, attention as well as memory. The company who has been credited to the designing of this amazing application usually focuses on its neuroscientific credentials. All the mini games provided inside the application are rather fun to play and can be handled as easily as any daily chore.

4. The Drowning

This is the latest game by Mobage. The application basically uses the touch screen advantage of the iPad in order to control the entire application and functioning. In order to walk towards a particular point on the screen, you would be required to tap accordingly on the screen. For looking around, you would be required to swipe the screen. For shooting bullets and fire, you have to tap the two fingers on the screen. All the touch based controls in the game application work really well and makes the gaming experience a fun and an easy one at the same time. In addition to this, the interesting games can be downloaded free of cost and is compatible for both Ipad as well as iOS platforms. Finally, a fun and real time game for those who run away from on field activities such as the marathon participation.

Author Bio: Clair Wellem is a veteran sports writer. He has written on several versatile topics that cover everything from marathon participation to the indoor games and technology launches.

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