How To: Get Set Up For A Successful Cycling Career

Cycling has become one of the more popular participant sports in the United Kingdom, largely due to the success of British cyclists in the world’s top professional events. This article gives beginners a few tips on how to start out in cycling.

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport and fitness activity in the UK these days, with increasing numbers of people getting their bikes out onto roads and trails. An excellent way of losing weight, as well as building all-round physical condition, cycling is an accessible sport for beginners.

Get the Right Wheels

The most important requirement for any cyclist, is, of course, a bike. There are many affordable bikes now that will allow a beginner to get a good start in their cycling. There are also several different kinds of bike though, so make sure that you think carefully about where you will be using your bike before you make a choice. A mountain bike is a good all-round choice, as it can be used on the road, on the trail, or just to get around and is hard-wearing enough to cope with all three. Once you have got the right bike, you can start to look at clothing such as Gore bikewear.

Another basic requirement is a helmet. A cycling helmet can make a huge difference to your chances of sustaining serious injury in a crash and might even save your life. The days of riders wearing nothing on their heads, or simply wearing a cycling cap, are long gone. If you plan on travelling a reasonable distance

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in the course of your cycling, you must get a helmet, especially if you plan on negotiating roads that have busy traffic.

Gloves and Other Accessories

A decent pair of cycling gloves is also a good idea, especially if you want to avoid callouses on your hands. Spending a long time in the saddle means that your hands will be in contact with the handlebars for lengthy periods of time. This can cause irritation to patches of skin on your hands and it is a good idea to wear gloves to prevent this. Proper cycling gloves are purpose-made of the right materials and will also keep your hands cool in hot weather.

Other specialist cycling clothing can also be obtained as you improve. Rather than focusing on getting hold of premium Gore bikewear and similar at the start of your cycling career, simply look to wear comfortable sportswear. As you get more serious and successful, you can then begin to look at obtaining more specialist clothing.

So getting set up for cycling is relatively simple and inexpensive, as long as you stick to the basics. Do not try to get too serious too soon, but leave a little time to see how good you are and how enthusiastic you feel after a few weeks. If you are still buzzing, then that is a good time to look for premium gore bikewear and other more specialist kit.

Author Bio: Shannen is a cyclist from Devon, in England. She has competed to a good level of amateur racing in Europe and the UK. She now shares her expertise on matters such as premium Gore bikewear and other kit with a range of blogs and websites.

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