Android Browsers – Eight Best Picks

We assume you have an Android running smart device. Or why would you have landed on this article? However, let’s think about a PC. Do you use Internet Explorer? Probably not, only a very few people use IE and most of them for downloading another browser. This has been an old joke; however, the same term goes with Android handsets as well. The stock Android browser is good for daily browsing and stuffs, but why should you necessarily stick to that one browser when you have the freedom to test the taste of many other browsers that you can easily get from the Google Play Store?

There are many browsers, stylish and powerful waiting for your download in the Play Store, and a recent addition to this list is the Firefox browser for Android. However, we are going to write about eight of them – the best ones we’ve picked out for you.

Android Browser

We are not going to abandon the stock browser as it is not bad, it has its own qualities to make a place of itself in this list. The basic foundations of Chrome Beta for Android lie in this browser and it has the ability to sync the browsing data from the desktop Chrome browser. Indeed a great functionality for those who switch devices a lot. Provided it has speedy internet connectivity, it takes around 8.25 seconds to load a web page.

Google Chrome Beta

If your phone runs ICS or above, then you can use Google Chrome. The websites load very fast, you can switch between tabs without much trouble. The animations and other ingredients make the browser look better on your device screen, and the browser syncs data from the desktop or Chrome running devices. It loads websites in around 6.98 seconds.

Dolphin Browser HD

What features do you expect from a smartphone website browser? Almost everything you want, Dolphin Browser HD can bring you them. This browser has capabilities to run flash, and your phone display will just look like that of your computer. You can input voice through the sonar plugin – the list only gets bigger. The average website loading time is 8.36 seconds.

Firefox Beta

If you are a Mozilla Firefox fan, then you must have missed Firefox in your smartphone. The wait is over, here’s what you desired for. The browser looks like that of the desktop browser, like Chrome, the performance is robust though it took longer to load sites. It’s still in beta phase, right? You get the sync function as well, however the site loading time is 10.72 seconds.

Opera Mobile

Opera is into the mobile website browser market for a long time. There’s nothing much to say about this browser, it’s very lightweight, less data consuming and fast. You don’t get flash support but you get a cheap browsing experience.

And you can sync your data with desktop browser. Site loading time is 8.13 seconds.


This browser will reduce strain on your eyes during your night time or low light website browsing; it will automatically adjust the settings. And if your mobile signal is weak, the browser will extract only texts, which is useful sometimes if you just need the text data.


This browser sports a lot of functions. There’s a big like button for Facebook, you will not have to look around in the webpages for a like button. Just tap like, what you like. The Flash to HTML5 plugin makes video watching experience better. This browser sported the most innovative ideas we have ever tested; and the sites load pretty fast. It takes 7.60 seconds to load an website.

Boat Browser

It’s a basic browser but it does the ‘basic’ things in a smooth and sometimes in an extraordinary way. There are some smart handy features lying underneath the UI, you need to search a bit and use them. You get functions like screenshot, private browsing capabilities etc. Useful for low end devices and the sites took around 8.54 seconds during our test.

Make your choice and pick the one that suits you the best!

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