Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPad Mini

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 and it seems like Samsung wants to compete directly with the iPad Mini. Let us look how they compare head to head.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 2.56.49 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.16.54 AM

The above comparison is in terms of specs but consumers nowadays buy gadgets for the overall experience and I strongly feel that is where Apple kills everyone.

The iPad Mini is the winner. The simplicity of the iOS and the Ive design just makes iPad mini a gorgeous looking and useful tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 weighs more than the iPad Mini.

For complete details on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 click here .

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8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPad Mini”

  1. Wait a minute… the Note 8 literally DESTROYI the Mini specs wise, has a far superior OS on board… and yet YOU think it’s the winner with an easy to use (and tremendously outdated) OS that lacks half of the features Android offers and has “Ive’s design”?

    Okay, we get that you are an Apple fanboy, but don’t expect people to take your word as unbiased. Just rename the site to iFirstain…

  2. Firstly, Galaxy Note 8.0 uses a 1.6 GHz QUAD Core processor while Ipad Mini uses a much slower 1.0 DUAL Core processor.

    Second, LTE is 4G not 3G, so that makes Note 8.0 a 4G phone too.

    Third, Note 8.0 has a higher resolution than the Ipad mini.

    Fourth, Note has sd card slot and usb port built in. Ipad mini has zip.

    Fifth, Note allows you to run two apps at the same time side by side. Ipad mini doesn’t.

    And yet this author thinks Ipad mini is the winner?

  3. Point 7,

    Note 8.0 comes with 2GB of ram while ipad mini comes with only 512MB ram.

    Point 8,

    Note 8.0 comes with a 64GB memory version too.

  4. Lol, Dan answered as many questions for me as Aman did with the original post. But I am grateful for Aman publishing this and for the handy chart. I still begrudge Apple their stubborn refusal to include a microSD card slot, and that along with the flexibilty of Android tips the scales in favor the Samsung, in my opinion.

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