How To : Get traffic to my website/blog

Making a great blog/website is extremely important but what is the use of such a website if no one visits it. Traffic in todays world is as important as content. So how do you get people to visit your website? Just follow the steps below and you might see a rise in the number of visitors within a few days.

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1. Never ever buy traffic. Many sites offer huge traffic to your website for as low as $20 but never ever do that. It harms your page rank and website reputation.

2. Make your website SEO friendly. You can learn more about SEO here. You can learn how to use social media to improve SEO here

3. Share all the updates that you make on your website on social networks like Facebook, Twitter.

4. Join discussion groups where you would get the audience that can connect to your website. Post a link of your website/blog in the discussion group/forums.

5. Install Google analytics and use the data to your benefit.

6. Write unique content. Unique content is always appreciated by Google and Google will be the biggest traffic driver to your website/blog in the long run.

7. Allow people to subscribe to your blog/website via email/newsletters.

8. In all your email accounts update your signature and give the link to your blog in the signature.

9. Comment on blog post with related content as that of your blog. In the comment give a link to your blog. ( Remember it should be related, else it is termed as spam).

Follow these basic steps and you might see a huge jump in traffic very soon!

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