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Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, and many people are considering this to be their biggest jump into competing with huge names like Android and Apple. However, there will be stiff competition when it comes to application, but Windows appears to be rising to the occasion, offering many exclusive apps for Windows 8 users, as well as treasured favorites shared across all platforms. So what are the most useful and helpful Windows 8 apps?


This is an application that allows you to take all of your conversations from all of your other applications and consolidate them into one location. Whether you are talking to someone on Facebook, another on Skype, another on Google and so on, IM allows you to take all of these messengers and unify them. This would then provide a one stop place to answer and send your texts to various contacts.


This is a feature that allows Windows 8 users to turn their device into another controller for their Xbox 360 interface. While this is less for gaming itself, it provides a screen that can provide detailed information through numerous downloadable apps also available on the Xbox from Microsoft. This will allow you to sync achievements and seamlessly navigate the menus of the console.


This is already a widely used and highly regarded source of collective information on the internet. However, Windows 8 apps has revamped the look of this website and made the information read much more like a well comprised article rather than a jumble of information, which is often the case when you use a PC to view the full website. This includes the entire library of Wikipedia, offering over 20 million subjects complete with their own layout.


Cowlick! is a helpful app for those that are engaged in the world of Twitter. This is a high paced and frequently viewed social networking site, and this particular app has helped to make the process a little bit easier on the tweeter. This has many great features that can be useful to the average user, such as a mute feature with a schedule for the length of time you want to avoid someone’s tweets. Another great feature is the ability to set up a hashtag while you are in a particular place, and the app will automatically add it in for you as you request. This is truly the app that makes Twitter all you want it to be.

OneNote MX

This is a classic Microsoft Office application from the desktop. However, in app form, there are many more features and upgrades that can make this dictation and note taking app easier to use and more functional. For starters, the layout is upgraded so that it is much easier to understand for unfamiliar users. Within this app, you can make text lists, draw, take photos and write out notes with a stylus. Side snap functionality allows you to multitask while keeping your notes going on the other side of the screen.

These are a few apps that are making users of Windows 8 happier and more productive. The amount of apps increases all the time, and offers solutions for all kinds of user needs and functions for their devices.

This guest post is by Courtney Lee, a part-time student and tech-blogger from California who spends a majority of her time on her Windows 8 RT Tablet. Finding the perfect app to help alleviate daily chores or activities is never easy, but with the release of Windows 8, users can now download a variety of helpful applications to try.

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