Fact: Pagers provide rapid and reliable communication

Prompt and clear communications are vital for maintaining public safety, managing patient care in medical centers and running business in fast-paced environments. Paging devices will provide these services together with fast access to data and feedback from customers and guests.

Health care:

Pagers are vital for all personnel in hospitals and medical facilities to manage patient flow. They are used by staff in emergency admissions rooms, radiology departments, laboratories and other departments for quick communications and to call waiting patients and their families. The use of pagers means that there is no need for overhead PA systems and that medical staff can maintain patient confidentiality. Their reliability is such that they can function even in those parts of large hospital complexes that may be “dead zones” for mobile phone networks.


Reliable communications are crucial when a disaster strikes. Emergency pagers provide and robust and reliable messaging system at times when mobile phone systems could be jammed. They can work at different priority levels and target rescue front line staff at traffic accident, fires or mountain rescue operations as well as administrative staff at headquarters. Paging systems can also be used to alert members of the public in emergency situations.


Retail establishments can enhance customer service by using paging systems at service points and dressing rooms. Customers can continue shopping at their own pace while waiting for a service to be completed. The pager can alert them when their order or service is ready. This eliminates queues around cash registers and provides a more pleasant atmosphere in the store. The customers can call on staff for service at the push of a button, while staff may communicate quickly on both security and pricing matters.


A paging system can be designed to give factory and warehouse personnel instant alerts on production and storage problems. It can monitor many separate alarms as well as access points in a building or production line. They can alert staff quickly whether in offices or distant parts of the premises.


Restaurant guest pagers are an ideal way to enhance customer service and to boost sales. Guests can be informed quickly when their tables are ready without disturbing other customers. Guests may choose to spend money in a bar while waiting for the meal and can be called promptly back to his table. The guests may also call for service immediately rather than facing an annoying wait for staff to find them. Waiters can be notified immediately by the kitchen when food is ready and will be able to deliver it to table while it is still hot.


Pagers give parents peace of mind when they leave their children in nurseries. Staff will be able to communicate quickly and silently with parents on any child-related problem without disturbing other children. Staff can also us the pager for security measures.


Pagers are very useful devices in many environments where people need to keep in contact with each other securely. They have useful applications in hospital and health care establishments during emergencies and for patient contact. They can locate necessary staff quickly, provide confidential two-way information in the form of text messages and work independently of mobile phone systems.

Author Bio:

Susan Edison writes regularly on paging systems and wireless devices for a wide range of communications industry websites and blogs. She has a special interest in pager design for the emergency services.

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