How to: Get Rid of a Trojan Virus

The Trojan Virus is malicious software that disguises itself as normal pleasing files such a mp3 file, a free game, a pop-up or even the popular naughty picture. Trojans harm and attack your computer in vicious ways. Trojans are not explicitly viruses but some do bring viruses along with them. Some Trojans open what are known as backdoors on your computer and can allow someone to quite frankly, spy on you. This can result in someone retrieving all the personal information they need to successful perform identity theft. The Trojan’s ability to compromise your computer’s protection and defence and leave it open to more threat is a very frightening fact.


Go through the following steps to effectively remove a Trojan virus from your computer:

  1. It is important to ensure that your anti-virus software has an up-to-date database and includes all the latest spyware, patches and virus definitions.
  2. Run a system and registry scan to identify the Trojan. An antivirus program such as AVG, which is a free antivirus program, can be used to scan your hard drive in order to pick-up and remove the Trojan with little hassle. AVG will show the list of the all malicious software currently on your hard drive. It will try to remove them but if it can’t it will quarantine them, that is, it will isolate them so as to keep them from further harming your computer system. If this fails then move on to the next step.
  3. Visit TrendMicro Housecall to use its free online scanner to try and find and remove the Trojan. Housecall is web based and so will be more effective in removing the Trojan as it cannot be affected by the malicious Trojan on your system. When it is finished you will be shown a list of the malicious software with their locations. Your job is to now locate them and manually remove them. If this step also fails resort to step 4.
  4. View the list from the anti-virus software scan and get the name of the Trojan and check online on how to remove it. This is usually helpful because Microsoft has regular updates on its sites about Trojans and there are often online forums or message boards with discussions on how to remove many Trojans.
  5. If all the above actions have failed then your only remaining option is to format your hard drive. Make sure to back-up your uninfected files and then proceed to formatting your hard-drive. If you are not sure how to do this yourself, take your computer to a professional.

Tips and Warnings

If you have a friend or neighbour who has a lot of computer experience it is best to seek their help as Trojan viruses are more difficult to get rid of than other viruses. Seeking help will also ensure that formatting your hard drive is a definite last resort.

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