All About the Mac OS Mountain Lion

Apple released a developer preview of the next Mac OS-Mountain Lion with over 100 new features. Apple with the new OS has integrated iOS into Mac OS in a large way


1. In the new Mac OS Mountain Lion apple has integrated iCloud more deeply into Mac OS. Apart from all thats possible with iCloud now you will also be able to sync your notes,chats,reminders on all devices.

2. Messages is the next thing that the Mountain Lion would possess. The iChat app would be replaced by messages. Messages would do all that iChat did but in addition it would also allow you to send messages to¬†iMessages(Apple’s iOS messaging app). So now you could connect with your iOS friends directly from your Mac.

3. Notification centre will now there on your Mac also. So you would never miss out on a notification again.

4. Sharing has been made easy. Now every apple app comes with a share button that lets you share your stuff quickly and easily.

5. Game center will now be available on your Mac.

6. Now you can airplay mirror your mac screen to your HDTV via apple tv.

7. Mac will get a reminders app which will be similar to the one present in iOS devices. It shall be iCloud compatible.

8. Notes app would also be available on the Mac OS Mountain Lion which would let you make notes in a more productive manner.

9. Securing data on your Mac would become much easier with the GATEKEEPER.

All these features will make the Mac even more productive and useful. No doubt Apple is all set to rule the PC market. The innovation they do is just awe-aspiring.


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