A Quick Glance At iOS 5

As you might already be aware by now, Apple released the next major OS for its mobile devices at WWDC 2011 few hours ago – the iOS 5. iOS 5 brings to your iDevices everything you ever wanted and maybe much more than that. Below we’ll recount the magical new features of this magical OS in some detail to help you get started. Head past the break for the goodies.

Sorry to be a spoilsport but before we head into the features of iOS 5, let us take a quick look at a few related stats presented to us by Apple during the event. Scott Forstall, the Senior Vice President of iOS software for Apple was the man designated to do the honors on stage for unveiling his product.

He claimed, with the help of stat-keepers comScore, that iOS has been dominating the Mobile Installed Base with around 44% of the market share — a good 16% ahead arch-rivals Android who see their software installed in 28% devices present in the market.

Moving on, Apple proudly announced at their last event that the App Store had around 65k iOS apps specifically designed for the iPad. The magical number this time around has increased by 58.5% to 90k. *Applause*

Scott also claimed that the iOS 5 has been boasted with over 1,500 new APIs which will help developers build amazing new Apps.

iOS 5 — Features

The moment you have been waiting for – a dive deep into iOS 5! iOS 5 has around 200 new features in all, but we’ll discuss the 10 most exciting features according to us. So lets get rolling…

1. Notification Center

The Notification Center aggregates all the notifications. It is accessed by swiping down from the top. If you’re playing a game, you get an animation up top that swivels down. To clear a notification, just tap on the little X to the right and it disappears. Smooth!

2. Newsstand

When you purchase a magazine or a newspaper, they’re automatically downloaded and placed on the Newsstand. It is integrated with the home screen and looks like, well, a newspaper stand. New issues are now automatically downloaded in the background and available offline.


3. Twitter

You now have Twitter integration on all your iOS devices. It is integrated with apps like camera and photos, contacts, safari and maps. Also, a single login will give you access to all the apps that use twitter, instantly.


4. Safari

With iOS 5 comes an improvised Safari. Your favorite browser now features a reading list which will allow you to read any article or column on any website or blog cleanly. By this we mean all the unwanted things disappear and only the article remains. This can be done using the reading list button near the address bar in the safari on the iOS devices. Apple also welcomes tabbed browsing in safari for iOS devices. Let it rip!

5. Reminders

You can now store lists of things, assign a reminder to any number of dates, and even assign a location (As in, you can set a reminder that you’d like to call your mom when you reach college. So when you do reach there, a reminder will pop up, reminding you to make that call). And best of all, it’ll sync across all devices through iCloud. Oh Apple, I Love You!

6. Camera

The lock screen now features a camera and you can use the volume up button to take pictures. You can pinch-to-zoom right in the app, and if you hold a tap on a part of the photo it’ll set the exposure settings to optimize that portion of the image. Yes, your photo can be edited directly on the device. You can crop, rotate, reduce red-eye, and you can do a one click enhance also.

7. Mail

Rich-text formatting, indentation control, draggable addresses (from To: to Cc: or Bcc:), flagging so you can mark them as unread, search the entire contents of messages, and much more — all in the new Mail app. S/MIME is also being added for security reasons. It also includes a built in dictionary which all apps from the App Store can use.

8. Over The Air (OTA) Updates

Setting up your iDevice is now a very easy and independent affair. When you take out your iOS device, you can setup your device right from itself rather than connecting it to iTunes via USB.


You also can update your OS right from the device and you get only OTA updates so they are quick to download and do not take up much of your data.




9. Game Center

You can now download games and play turn games in game center.



10. iMessage

iMessage is a new messaging platform for your iOS devices, pretty much similar to what BBM is for BlackBerry. It lets you send text messages, photos, videos, contacts, and even do group messaging. You get separate notifications when your message is delivered to your recipient and read by your recipient, and also when the person opposite is typing something. How cool is that?!


So that’s it! That was our overview of the 10 best new features of iOS 5, according to us. If you don’t agree with us, or just want to appreciate our work, do leave us a comment!

iOS 5 is expected to be available to everyone from the fall, but if you’re a developer, you can get straight into the action. Just download the iOS 5 SDK and weave your own magic.

P.S. To download iOS 5 (for Beta Developers only), you’ll have to first download iTunes 10.5 Beta. Here’s the download link.

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