Best Buy takes $30 off iPad 3G

Ah the effects of iPad2! We all know that the 2nd variation of the iPad is just around the corner, and its only a matter of time when Apple invites us for the unveiling. But for now, its discounts galore on the first iPad, with almost everyone looking to offload their inventory. Best Buy has just taken off $30 from the WiFi+3G models, of all storage capacities, to clear the way for iPad 2. Here’s the new price list:

  • Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 16GB: $599
  • Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 32GB: $699
  • Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 64GB : $799

Though the price cut is always welcome for us customers, it is interesting to see no change in the prices of the WiFi-only models. What’s cooking?

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Author: Karan Israni

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