Skype vs FaceTime: And the winner is…(video comparison)

In today’s world, connecting with friends and staying in touch with them is more of a necessity than a formality. And if you happen to be keeping up with technology, then video calling would be a major medium of visual communication between you and your close one.

Apple’s trademark new addition FaceTime, and Skype are the only video calling options of real meaning for iPhone users. But which one is better?

Last week we told you that Skype is about to bring video calling to iPhone 4. And few days later, it did. The response was pretty good. But even FaceTime is very popular. This is where a reason to compare arose.

The test matches video calling over WiFi from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (or iPod touch 4G), and iPhone 4 to a Mac using both FaceTime and Skype video calling technologies. The test also shows video calling quality of Skype over AT&T 3G network as it has official support to work on it.

The results of the test were. . . . . . . . .mixed. While FaceTime had a clear cut edge over Skype in terms of video clarity, Skype ruled the broader picture with wide support compatibility over cross platform usage.

Using Skype is a pretty smooth experience in cross platform video calling between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to Mac, Windows and vice versa. Skype also supports visual communication over 3G, a feature which FaceTime is deprived of.

So now our question still remains unanswered: Which is better – Skype or FaceTime? We say: why don’t you be the judge? 🙂

Via Lifehacker

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