LIVE: Apple unleashes the ‘Lion’

As expected, Apple’s new OS X is out and is called Lion. We’re just getting started boys…

“We’ve had seven major releases of OS X in the last decade. We’re improving with every release. We’re happy with Snow Leopard, but we’re going to take it even further. We’re going to give you a preview of the next version… and we call it Lion.”

“What is the philosophy about Lion? That’s where Back to the Mac comes from. We started with OS X and we created a new version called iOS — it’s now used in the iPad as well. We’re inspired by some of those innovations. And we want to bring them back to the mac. Mac OS X meets the iPad.”

Seems like Mac is getting a dose of the iPad. All of the iPad’s ‘good’ features are coming to Mac with Lion. What else could you ask for?

Following stuff is coming to the Mac now…


Facetime for Mac is now available.Also have a look at the new iLife 11 and a new Macbook Air is launched.

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