How to install software using a CD on the Apple Macbook Air

Apple’s most innovative product the Macbook Air uses a technology which let’s you install a software on your Macbook Air using a CD even-though the Macbook Air does not have a CD drive,

A lot of your know this but a lot of people yet do not know about this. This post is for them.

Use the Remote Disk on the Macbook Air.

1.Set up Remote Disc on host computer.

Insert the Mac OS X Install DVD into the Mac or PC with the optical drive you want to share. Install the Remote Disc Setup software located on that disc.

2.Insert the software disc you want to install.

Insert the software DVD you want to install onto MacBook Air into the host computer’s drive.

3.Install software on MacBook Air.

In the Finder on MacBook Air, under Devices, select the icon that says Remote Disc. Click on the computer you enabled, and then double click to open the software DVD. Now go through the installation just as if you had a built-in optical drive.

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