How Apple got away with this…

Smart! Really smart! Apple is the biggest tech company in the world and is aptly headed by a genius in Mr. Steve Jobs. No wonder then how Apple – the illusionists – always manage to influence people’s minds and get away with their shortcomings.

Last night’s “special event” showcased Apple’s power in the field of music-related products. They launched update after update, revamping the older models of its popular music gadget iPod, launched a newer Apple TV,… heck they even entered into social networking with their new Social Network, Ping! But what about the other announcement we all were desperately waiting for: status of the White iPhone 4?

I know this event was all about music. But then it isn’t just limited to it. Steve Jobs could have easily slipped in another “one more thing” and updated us on the White iPhone 4. But instead, he chose to take the White iPhone 4 out of our minds by launching so many new updates, attracting us towards them. This was a really smart move by Apple. But for how long can they escape?

This world of crazy Apple ‘fanboys’ is just waiting to pounce on you Mr. Jobs so you better work your socks up and give some news on the White iPhone 4. Don’t let it already become history without it achieving what it has been made for.

P.S. For those of you who missed yesterday’s “special event” by Apple, here is an image gallery comprising of exclusive pictures. Just for you 🙂

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