What we should expect from Apple in the future??

The future of Apple
  • iPod Touch- The next big thing that Apple releases can be a new iPod Touch. It has quite a lot of chances because its a replica of the iPhone without the calling and messaging feature. So With the launch of iPhone 4, if Apple comes out with a new iPod Touch one should not be very surprised.

What we want from the next iPod Touch?

  1. A body and design similar to that of the iPhone 4.
  2. The back of the iPod touch to be just like that of the iPhone 4 or maybe like that of the iPhone 3G/3Gs.Here I mean that there should be black and not silver finish at the back.Silver is more prone to scratches. Black looks much more classy.
  3. I would like a little change the speaker style as they cause real problem to the looks and design.
  4. A video camera{not HD recording as it would be good if it was reserved for the iPhone} just like the one in the iPod Nano Would look excellent.
  5. 512mb ram
  6. Availability should be there in 16GB also.
  7. Radio(Like the one in iPod Nano)
  8. Retina Display
  9. A thinner and lighter iPod Touch
  10. Better Sensors

Below is the image of the iPod Touch which could be the next iPod touch from Apple. Please do forgive mistake in photo creation(i’m not an expert in photoshop). In the following picture the speaker is next to the video camera.



  • iMac

iMac being the first and most beautiful invention of Apple should surely get an update.


What we want in the new iMac

  1. Touch Screen(“LOOPRumors received a tidbit of information today suggesting Apple is planning to develop a hybrid OS into their next iMac. The iMac should be equipped with both Mac OS X and a touch interface for iOS,” the report claims.)
  2. i3,i5,i7 processors for the 21.5 inch iMac also because all people do not prefer the big 27inch iMac but they also surely want to use the new intel i3,i5,i7 processors.
  3. I would myself love to see a 17inch iMac introduced. I know its difficult when there’s a inbuilt cpu but many people(especially in small business offices where commercial space is not too much) prefer smaller monitors and thus do not prefer Apple in this matter.
  4. A well defined app store for the iMac as well.(since there are plans for iOS for the iMac it would not be difficult to enable apps on the iMac)
  5. A thinner and lighter iMac
  • Macbook
Apple Macbook Air

Macbook has been recently upgraded so many changes are not required but yet some changes may comes

What we want in the Macbook?

  1. The Macbook Air is really a sensational product by Apple. Its design and weight are just exceptional but i feel that its specs are a little too less. Its good for basic use but if some IT professional or programmer or even a normal Apple fan who loves downloading media and storing them over the hard drive will not enjoy the Macbook Air after a while.Atleast a 2.8GHZ processor is needed with a 250GB hard disk.
  2. You would think that specs can be configured but in many countries customization is not allowed( India being one of them) so its necessary for a tech spec upgrade.

Photoshop created Images below(regarding expectation from Apple in Future)

Macbook Gold plated With diamonds
iPhone Photoshoped( Apple may have one such in future)
Apple istick( May come in future by Apple)
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