Use 3G iPad in India with Mtnl Sim card

Yes you have read it right! You can now use your 3G iPad in india even though the micro simcards are not yet available in India.

I myself have tried it and it works brilliantly. Its a simple process. Just follow the instructions below

1. In the picture below you can see a sim card.(assume its a mtnl 3G sim card)

2. Now the next step you have got to do is to take a big scissor (you can borrow one from the tailor) and cut the sim card from the side it is slant. Below is the image after the sim card is cut.

3. So this means that you have to cut the sim card upto the golden part.

4. Now your mtnl 3G sim card fits into the iPad 3G sim card holder.

5. Your done!! start using your iPad 3G in India.

ipad wifi+3g
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21 thoughts on “Use 3G iPad in India with Mtnl Sim card”

  1. What does your mtnl 3g sim cost per month / or is it prepaid
    and how does one get one and how is the service

    1. Hi Amilwani, I have just bought an iPad2 3G…do I need a hardware or software crack to use Airtel 3G micro sim on it. Pls revert urgently!!

      Many Thanks Anuj

  2. Thanks for your post. I did the same as above but i’m getting the message no SIM installed.
    MTNL 3g sim card has gold portion quite bigger than the micro sim, even if it’s cut keeping the gold portion intact it’s not getting identified by my ipad…please let me know if anybody else had this problem…

  3. hey amilwani you posts has really helped me out in deciding whether to buy ipad with 3g or not …. i was confused whether any of the carrier presently can fit into my ipad or not…. so it is sure na that MTNL 3g works on ipad ??? and bro is there any software that allows us to send photos from ipad directly on to a no using 3g connection ?? …

      1. Thanks a lot bro…. but does airtel offer 3g ?? i guess no.. and anyways one more ques … If i but this micro sim on post paid connection can i apply for the Unlimited (2-GB) plan for 98 which is available and then use it on ipad …. If this is possible then its the best you can get …. and later i can go for 3g …
        Thanks a Lot bro for the swift reply ….

        1. hmm…. i guess the normal internet plans dont work on iOS devices. means the wap services do not work. u will have to subscibe to the Internet service which is rs 15 day.. means the net in phone which if u connect to pc or mac works… only that net works on the ipad…
          yes u can subscribe that.. and 3G is coming max by Jan …mostly in Diwali when iphone 4 is coming.. n 1 more thing some airtel shops are reluctant to sell the micro sims early so u have to force them.. if they suggest u to cut n use normal sim( some shops do that coz they dont want to finish up the sim b4 the iphone launches as the quantity is less.) so go to him n tell him only to cut……

          1. oh thats a great reply from u …. but bro i used a normal WAP services in vodafone ( as i first used GPRS from a a vodafone on normal phone and then used it on iphone…. and it worked but quite slow …) i will go for the plan you suggested me … and one more thing if you can help me out with … as questioned above in the first comment : IS there anyway in which i can send photos from my ipad directly onto a normal phone … liike mms service from ipad to phone….

            Thanks buddy … you really have helped me out … 🙂

  4. Hai the apple ipad 3G connected with the vodafone sim but apn settings are not available to create an a/c with vodafone India can any one help me

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